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Make 'Kumpir' out of your baked potato - 14 delicious recipes

Kumpir vs. Baked Potato: What's the Difference?

The potato specialty originally comes from the Balkans, where they were traditionally baked in hot coals and served with yogurt and butter. Then the Kumpir in Turkey received a real "taste tuning" and were perfected into real gourmet tubers.

At 400 to 450 grams, traditional kumpir are real colossi - but colossi full of flavor. Traditionally, the raw potatoes are pierced all around with a fork, wrapped in aluminum foil and baked in a special three-tier oven. They are cooked hot on the lower level, while on the two upper levels they can be drawn in and kept warm. A specialty of the preparation of kumpir is the handling of the inside of the potato: The potato is cut lengthways, the inside is scraped out a little with a fork, loosened and mixed with butter and usually with grated cheese. This creamy mashed potato is the basis of good Kumpir recipes.

The filling: It goes well with the Turkish baked potato

At least as important and trademark of the Turkish potato: the filling! Because it is only when they are filled that plain baked potatoes become real bulbs of character and vile baked potatoes become true kumpir.

You can fill whatever you want: Couscous, vegetables, feta, red cabbage, roasted meat, pickled olives or sun-dried tomatoes. The huge aroma bombs are particularly creamy and delicious with different Sauces on top. Sometimes mild with Quark, sometimes spicy with Salsa and Sweet chilli sauce or better yet, all at once. Here, too, there is absolute freedom of fools. True to the motto: the main thing is delicious!

The result is a wide variety of creations and filled splendid specimens that are just waiting to be plastered. It is a matter of gradually working your way from the crumbly edge of the hot steaming potato to the creamy, aromatic interior.

Prepare kumpir in your home oven

Is your mouth watery yet? If so, I have good news for you: You can easily prepare the delicious potatoes in your home oven. An original Kumpir oven is great, but really not necessary. With a normal oven, 200 ° C convection, one hour time, some aluminum foil, delicious ingredients and of course a couple of large potatoes, you are perfectly equipped for the preparation.

Of course, I couldn't resist myself and tried out some Kumpir recipes right away. For a little variety, there are also a few creations with sweet potatoes. They all passed the Springlane taste test by me and my dear colleagues with flying colors!

14 delicious Kumpir recipes

Kumpir with sauerkraut filling and pumpernickel crumble

Turkish potato meets German filling: This kumpir is filled with hearty cream sauerkraut and Gouda. With a little honey and sour cream, the sour, creamy herb feels really good in the tuber. The best thing about this combination: On top there is roasted pumpernickel crumble with hazelnuts. To the recipe

Vegan baked potato with beetroot and lamb's lettuce

Kumpir without animals: You don't need meat, butter, cheese or quark to make a good stuffed potato. It will be just as delicious for all vegan potato fans with beetroot, lamb's lettuce and creamy almond butter. To the recipe

Baked potato with chicken and vegetable filling and cashew topping

The “fitness potato” among the Kumpir recipes with a filling of tenderly fried chicken breast, crunchy carrots and fresh spring onions. Mild herb quark and spicy sweet chilli sauce provide the gourmet factor. This tuber is healthy, tasty and a great source of energy. To the recipe

Kumpir with fried mushrooms and ricotta cream

Especially delicious for your hot potato: a rustic filling made from fried mushrooms and fluffy ricotta cream, with lots of chives and parsley. Just the thing to warm up from the inside after a walk on cool days. To the recipe

Baked potato "Pizza-Style" with a tomato and mozzarella filling

With this variant, pizza fans get their money's worth. The “Margherita-Kumpir” is the stuffed potato with plenty of fresh tomatoes, green basil and melting mozzarella. Baked hot and with real cheese threads - almost like an Italian. To the recipe

Baked sweet potato with a Mediterranean filling

Fresh from the oven and filled to the brim with Mediterranean delicacies, this sweet potato is impressive. Olives, feta, dried tomatoes and oregano, plus a refreshingly spicy curd dip with goat's cream cheese. A hot, spicy culinary delight. To the recipe

Kumpir deluxe: stuffed sweet potato with rocket and poached egg

Sweet potato friends: nothing more is possible! This deluxe version of the Kumpir recipes will blow every connoisseur's socks off. Soft kidney beans and nutty rocket let the spicy brie melt away in the middle of the hot, orange-colored tuber. The crowning glory: a poached egg with liquid yolk on top. Kumpir for true connoisseurs. To the recipe

Small but mighty: Stuffed mini baked potatoes with couscous and red cabbage

Kumpir for the little hunger: concentrated potato power is available with this little mini kumpir. A whole team full of taste that is in no way inferior to the big ones. Oriental couscous and crunchy red cabbage give the minis a special kick in terms of color and taste. They're in your mouth with a bite ... well ... almost. To the recipe

Baked potato with radish and cucumber dip

The big bulbs from the oven are so hot that you can easily burn your tongue if you're not careful. How good that a cool dip is included and spreads mildly with crunchy vegetable pieces in the mouth. To the recipe

Baked potato with sour cream and crabs

Good Morning! Even if you are not at home in the far north, these baked potatoes with crabs and a dollop of sour cream in the filling will bring you in a North Sea mood. To the recipe

Stuffed sweet potato with chickpeas and spinach

Kumpir recipes are also vacationing, here is the proof: This tuber was on a short trip to the Caribbean. With an exotic coconut note, the filling made of chickpeas and spinach goes perfectly with the buttery sweet potato from the oven. Holiday feeling for the palate. To the recipe

Baked baked potato with cheddar and bacon

Admit it, you too like to play with your food sometimes. Favorite game that drove mom crazy back then: mash potatoes before they end up on the fork. Oh, how good that you can fully live out the play instinct in your own four walls - as long as you allow cheddar and bacon to participate. To the recipe

Baked potato with fried salmon and yogurt cream

Tender, fried salmon fillet and a mix of Greek yogurt and fresh herbs await you in this tuber. No fancy things, no superfood, just real feel-good cuisine. To the recipe

Stuffed sweet potato with halloumi and herb butter

Kumpir recipes call for cheese, so get them too. For this creation, the mild halloumi is even grilled and can be placed in the sweet potato together with fresh tomatoes and onions. The homemade herb butter with lots of chilli brings an aromatic fire. Not just for the butter to melt away. To the recipe