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University of Cologne

Access to the ViLLA database for teachers


The following five steps are required so that you as a teacher in teacher training at the University of Cologne can access the ViLLA database in ILIAS.


Step 1: At the beginning, please log in as usual with your access data on the ILIAS learning platform.


2nd step: On the landing page click on "Magazine >> Magazine - Entry Page".


3rd step: You will now see an overview of the various categories and faculties. Here click on "HF".


4th step: In the following overview you will find the course "ViLLA - Learning with teaching videos" in the last third of the page, which you can join by clicking on "Action". Please send the form that opens, stating your institute in the comment field.


5th step: Your registration request will now be checked and then approved. The course "ViLLA - learning with teaching videos" appears automatically on your personal ILIAS desk. You now have full access to the entire video database of the ViLLA project.