What is the basis and structure

SAP Basis - What is SAP Basis, Structure, Consulting

The SAP basis ensures problem-free operation of the SAP basis system. The SAP basis system is a kind of operating system of the R / 3 system or SAP ERP. It comprises the three layers of database, application and presentation. Basis also includes many SAP middleware programs and administration tools.

With Basis, SAP applications can be used in a way that is compatible and independent of the operating system and database, and can be enriched with the necessary data.

Synonym (s): SAP Basisberatung, Consulting

Companies using the SAP basis want to optimize business processes and measure, evaluate and optimize all data.

Every SAP basis system must be checked and controlled by an administrator. The person responsible ensures that the system runs smoothly. This can be an internal administrator or it can be given to external service providers.

R / 3 SAP basis system structure

The following table shows the typical structure of a three-tier R / 3 basic system:

layer description
Presentation layer The presentation layer is the top layer of the R / 3 SAP basis system and includes communication with the user. The data are graphically processed for the user on the terminal using software components from the application programs of the application layer. The presentation layer represents the interface to the users (SAP GUI).
Application layer The application layer is the core of an R / 3 SAP basis system. This layer communicates in both directions, both to the presentation layer and to the database layer. With the application programs on the application servers, the required data is requested from the database layer, processed, prepared for the user and passed on to the presentation layer. Data entered by the user in the SAP GUI user interface are passed on to the database via the application server.
Database layer All data of a company is saved in the database, which is located on a database server. Application programs pull the required data from the database. This data can consist of data tables, applications, or system control tables. In addition, the database also records new user information and saves it.
SAP Basis introduction and overview of the R3 architecture (in English)

SAP-based consulting

Many companies that use or want to use a SAP basis system seek advice from external service providers or completely outsource the administration of the system. The SAP Basis Consulting or SAP Basis Consulting is a technical consultation and includes many tasks and sub-areas around the topic of SAP Basis. Providers include BasisTeam IT Service & Consulting AG, Phoron, Mindsquare and many others.

In SAP consulting, various areas of SAP can be discussed, such as B. SAP NetWeaver or SAP Sizing.

The SAP basic advice can start with the general advice on the use of SAP and the installation and configuration. In addition, the SAP consulting can switch to an external takeover of updates and upgrades of SAP components or even the complete takeover of the administration of the SAP system.

SAP basis consultant

SAP Basis Consultants or SAP Consultants are the experts for advice. The job of a SAP Basis Consultant has many areas of responsibility such as:

  • Design of applications
  • installation
  • Supervision of SAP modules
  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Creation of reports
  • Data modeling and extraction

The position of SAP Basis Consultant is often linked to the position of SAP Basis Administrator.