What is the game PUBG

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Game description:
In Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) you control your own avatar and have to assert yourself on a fictional island against up to 100 players. The aim of the game is to be the only survivor left in the end. The gameplay is based heavily on the film "The Hunger Games".Playerunknown's Battlegroundsis an online game that can be played alone or with up to four players. The game is played from an ego or third-person perspective. There is no detailed story in which the plot is embedded. The title has become enormously popular among young people thanks to well-known Internet platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. However, we can only emphasize here that the game is only suitable for adults.

Pedagogical assessment:
Starting the game
The game starts in a plane that flies over one of the islands. There are now five islands of different sizes, with different flora and fauna. All participating players sit on this plane and can decide for themselves which part of the island they want to jump over. Once the players have landed on the island, it is important to search the empty houses and factories for useful items and weapons, because everyone starts unarmed. The longer a game round lasts, the closer the players are brought to one another. A circle always marks the so-called "safe zone". Outside of this “safe zone”, the players take increasing damage. Therefore, they inevitably have to approach. Various types of guns and cars can be found along the way. The game is lost when your own avatar or the entire team has died and won when you were the last to survive. A game round can last between one and twenty minutes.
To familiarize yourself with the mechanics and practice shooting before starting the game, there is a training mode. Different players are brought together on a training ground and can compete against each other without a winner or a loser. In addition, movable and immovable training objects are available to practice aiming.

Playerunknown's Batlegroundsis divided into different zones. These become smaller and smaller the longer they play, so that the players are brought closer and closer together. Because outside the "safe zone", the players are constantly taking damage. This prevents players from hiding somewhere permanently. Under certain circumstances, this can trigger high pressure or stress. The opponents can be knocked down with the weapons found. The graphics are very simple, but based on reality, depictions of violence are shown and pixel blood is not saved either.

Luck is a major factor, which is partly due to the randomly distributed equipment that can be found in the abandoned houses. This makes every new round interesting again and also increases the replay value. However, this can also lead to moments of frustration if, after a long search, still no good equipment has been found.

A frequently used function are microtransactions. Microtransactions are small amounts of money that you spend on a purchased game in order to receive bonus content. In this case, it's just cosmetic changes. The purchased content does not offer players any advantage over their opponents, but is often used as a status symbol. It is also possible for players to sell items of clothing on the Steam marketplace.

Additional modes
In addition to the actual main game, there are various additional modes. However, these can only be played in private or public lobbies. in the Zombie mode Players can compete against each other as humans or zombies. While in mode Team Deathmatch and in War fashion two teams with eight members in a smaller arenal try to score points by killing them. in theWar Mode: Conquest however, two military units fight to take certain goals and gain control for themselves. Further modes have already been announced and can be added to the game at any time.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
is exclusively intended for adult entertainment. The players will not be told why they are dropped on this island. There is no action to legitimize depictions of violence. Due to the warlike setting, violence is accepted and is inevitably necessary in order to be successful. Blood is shown as a hit detection, but this is not covered. Due to a relatively large happiness factor, a high level of frustration tolerance is required. The game focuses on fighting and killing without any justification and is therefore not suitable for children and young people.