Is health insurance preventing people from retiring?

German pension insurance

German pension all over the world

We pay around 1.8 million pensions annually in over 150 countries around the world. The recipients are Germans who live abroad and people of other nationalities who have worked in Germany and are entitled to a pension.

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What counts for the pension

However, each state pays its own pension. Depending on where you live, German and foreign periods count together to calculate your pension entitlement and your pension.

You can find out which times count and how the pension is calculated here.

Pension abroad - periods spent abroad count as well

Apply for a pension at home and abroad

Apply for a pension in the country where you live. Often a single application is sufficient for all pensions at home and abroad.

How to apply for your pension abroad

Moving abroad as a pensioner

If you move abroad as a pensioner, your pension will go with you.

The only exception: So far, you have not only received a disability pension for medical reasons, but because the labor market in Germany is closed to you. In this case there may be restrictions.

Whether the amount of your pension changes depends on

  • whether you are only abroad temporarily or are moving permanently
  • in which country you would like to live in the future and
  • whether foreign periods were taken into account in the German pension calculation.

Find out what you need to know before moving abroad.

Moving abroad as a pensioner

Source:German pension insurance

Health insurance abroad: where are you insured?

How you have health and long-term care insurance abroad depends, for example, on the country in which you now live and whether you receive a pension in that country. It is also important whether you live abroad only temporarily or permanently.

Basically:If you were compulsorily insured in Germany, you will remain compulsorily insured in the statutory German health insurance even if you move within the European Union.

If you have voluntary health insurance, we can, under certain conditions, also pay an allowance for your health insurance contributions.

Find out more from your health insurance company. Further information can also be found on the website of the German Liaison Office for Health Insurance - Abroad (DVKA).

Where is your pension taxed?

So-called "downstream taxation" has been in effect in Germany since 2005. This means that your financial expenses for retirement provision will become increasingly tax-free. For this, however, your pension income will later be taxed individually.

In order to avoid double taxation, Germany has so-called double taxation agreements with many countries.

Be sure to find out more from your tax office, an income tax aid association or a tax advisor.

If you live abroad and receive a German pension, your contact person is: