What is a moechtegern

Wannabe (German)

Part of speech: noun, (male)

Would | like | like, Majority 1st variant I would like to Majority 2nd variant I | would | like | ne
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈMœçtəˌɡɛʁn], Majority 1st variant [ˈMœçtəˌɡɛʁns], Majority 1st variant [ˈMœçtəˌɡɛʁnə]
Word meaning / definition:
1) colloquial: A person who wants to be more than he is
Origin of the term:
1) moving closer together would like to and gladly
Related terms:
1) Show-offs, wannabees, braggers
Application examples:
1) Because of his constant showing off, he's a real one Would-be.
1) “Those affected call themselves» Wannabees «, the Would-be.“
Nominative: singular the wannabe; Plural 1 the wannabes; Plural 2 the wannabe
Genitive: singular of wannabe; Plural 1 of wannabes; Plural 2 the wannabe
Dative: singular the wannabe; Plural 1 the wannabe; Plural 2 the would-be
Accusative: singular the wannabe; Plural 1 the wannabes; Plural 2 the wannabe


  • English: 1) pseudo, wannabe, would-be, wanna-be
  • French: 1) crâneur

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

Everyone Would-be Expert, institute or association thought they could look into the crystal ball and know the Amazon numbers with fairy dust. Fatal when entrepreneurs have made a decision based on these figures.
Word Filter, July 29, 2019

Gottschalk caused quite a few fashion scandals during his wedding. Now he's bringing it Would-be-Models on how to entertain.
Today.at, April 02, 2019

In order to avoid 'unpleasant images' from the police, an SUV driver has mounted a license plate cover on his car that is ready for film. But now it was Would-be-James Bond reported by officials.
Spiegel Online, August 29, 2018

As the ex of Helena Fürst, Ennesto Monte came into the spotlight. His pimped member did that Would-be-Ballermann bards now have powerful problems.
Day 24, May 13, 2019

Mega industry or Would-be-Hype? The German eSports market is still a mystery for many. Four typical prejudices and their truthfulness.
Start-up scene, April 3rd, 2019

The Would-be-Hitler von Schloss Augustusburg gets away without penalty, the public prosecutor's office is not investigating any further.
BILD.de, January 16, 2020

A Would-be-The racing driver obviously risked his life in the Bergisches Land - with his four-year-old son in the passenger seat.
GMX, June 03, 2020

A Tesla killer, one Would-be-Ferrari from Sri Lanka or an extreme hit with vacuum cleaner technology - these five sports car projects stand out.
Handelsblatt.com, February 25, 2020

The voters in Hamburg have shrunk the AfD. This is the triumphant advance of Would-be- People's party stopped, which prepares the ground for racism and violence with its rhetoric, says Sabine Henkel.
WDR.de, February 24, 2020

Twelve hot money Would-be- Celebrities have moved to this year's jungle camp. However, eleven are only there after the first day.
Day 24, January 11, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • (the) hero of the strawberry field (coll.)
  • (big) Zampano
  • Show-off: Person who puts their own performance in the foreground voluntarily and without being asked
  • Aufpudler (Austrian)
  • Braggart: Person who exaggerates greatly
  • Blender: dev. a person who blinds someone, that is, cheats; Fraudsters, impostors; dev. a show-off; Originally: a horse with apparently excellent qualities, which however does not produce the "dazzling" performances or does not have the excellent character traits that one expects from him based on his appearance
  • Gernegroß (coll.): coll., obsolete: person who shows off a lot and brags; someone who wants to represent more than he does
  • Gleisner (retired, out of date): va. Person who only feigns an opinion or attitude but does not really represent it
  • Graf Koks von der Gasanstalt (Ruhrdeutsch veraltend) (coll.)
  • Graf Rotz von der Cheeke (coll.)
  • Großkotz (rough): coarse, pejorative: person who puts their own performance in the foreground in a highly exaggerated and unsolicited manner
  • Loudmouth (rough): Person who takes too much of his mouth; Show-off
  • Big snout (coll.)
  • Loudspeaker: pejorative show-off; someone who promises more than he can deliver
  • Big boob
  • Bar emperor (coll.)
  • Pub king
  • Mouth hero (rough): a person who likes to brag about his or her actions and abilities, but actually hardly does anything of it
  • Mouth whore (coarse, female)
  • Muchtprinz (coll., Berlin)
  • Boasters: colloquial: a person who brags
  • Boastful (coll.): someone who publicly draws attention to his skills or possessions in an exaggerated manner
  • Profile neurotics (coll.)
  • Renown
  • Whiskers (coll.): Kitchen utensil with which liquid food is whipped until frothy; Colloquial, derogatory: a person who pushes himself to the fore through a lot of talk
  • Self-promoter: someone who knows how to play himself in the foreground through his own words or actions
  • Proverb Knocker
  • Proverb
  • Stammtisch expert (coll.)
  • Important maker (Austrian)
  • Busybody: someone who pretends to be; someone who considers himself more important than he is
  • Cream puff (coll.)
  • inflated bullfinch
  • big mouth and nothing behind it (coll.)
  • someone who talks a lot when the day is long (coll.)
  • nothing behind (to be)

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Dictionary entries

Entries from our dictionary that contain "would-be":

sentir: ... my neighbors call the police. Bingo, moles [in the joking sense of "little wannabe informers", editor's note. Practice]! They'll get you. 4) "Il s'était mis, pour ne ...

Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses: ... motto after Boethius, in whose consolation philosophy someone answered the question of a would-be philosopher "Intellegis me esse philosophum?"

Braggart: Show-off, show-off, threesome, maul hero, wannabe, boastful, protester Application examples: 1) It is common knowledge that Mr. Schmidt is also called Gernegroß

Would-be: ... wants to represent someone who wants to be more than he is. Origin of the term: Use of would-be people in derivatives. Related terms: 1) pseudo-examples: ...

Would like to: Part of speech: Declined form Grammatical features: Nominative plural of the noun Möchtegern Genitive plural of the noun Möchtegern Accusative plural of the noun Möchtegern

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