Which MBA specialization includes less math?

Is there a lot of math in the human resource management course?

Typical questions:

“I have been researching myself for a long time and am very interested in a personal degree. So something like human resource management, personnel management or possibly business administration with a suitable focus. Unfortunately, I'm really bad at math. Do you have a lot of math lectures in such a degree? "

If you choose a specialized human resource management degree, you have relatively little math. In most universities, one semester of business math and one semester of statistics are taught. It shouldn't be taken lightly, but it can be done. In a business administration course, on the other hand, there are usually more math subjects, especially at universities.

So be sure to read it before applying for a degree program the curriculum or ask the university's student advisory service!

Sophie, graduate Master in Human Resource Management at the University of Munich

"I can only recommend studying the module plan of the course intensively and dealing with the content. If you are studying business administration with a focus on human resources, you will certainly also need a part of math / statistics and, above all, business administration, cost and performance accounting and economics. Nevertheless, a personal course is usually not extremely heavy on math, so you can do it even if you have a math weakness. "

Ninjo, graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration, majoring in human resource management, at Pforzheim University

"Yes, I gave a lot of math lectures. These included, for example, Analysis 1 & 2, Statistics 1 - 3, Quantitative Methods 1 & 2 or Financial Mathematics. Business subjects such as tax law or cost and performance accounting are also very, very computationally heavy.

However, this cannot necessarily be compared with math from school, you shouldn't be put off. If you stick to it, these subjects are feasible. "

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Anett, a Bachelor of Business Administration student with a focus on human resource management at Northern Business School

"There are few math modules. Algebra, descriptive statistics and operation research (waiting times / operating times for processes, etc.). At universities and especially in the master’s degree, I think there will be more statistics. I am a math grade 3 candidate and I consistently pulled it through here as well. It was the subjects where I had planned more time to study. Just write down very carefully in the lectures and ask, ask, ask. "

Evi, graduate of the Bachelor and Master of Human Resource Management at Ludwigshafen University

"I would not say that there is a lot of math. We had a math lecture in the first bachelor semester. Most of those who did not finish their studies also failed at this. In the subsequent semesters, however, you hardly have any math. There are Another finance lecture, in which numerical skills are an advantage, but not as demanding as in the first semester.

So I would say that if you have passed the math exam in the first semester, then you have done math! "

Verena, graduate of dual studies at DHBW

"Since the human resource management course is based on business administration, there are already one or two math lectures. There were business mathematics and statistics, as well as controlling and corporate accounting. I was and am not a math genius, but I passed all of the exams.

In my opinion, a math weakness should by no means be the reason why you decide against the course. "

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