How are small fashion startups doing

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Lively photos that tell stories

The second variant is to put photos of the clothes on a living model in the shop. Photos that can be rotated and turned at will using a 360 ° camera are helpful and user-oriented. Using the magnification button, users can view details such as

  • Hems,
  • Collar,
  • Cuffs,
  • Envelopes,
  • Fabric structure and
  • Button strips

take a closer look and check the processing from a purely visual point of view. Especially with high-priced items of clothing, this is a feature that is well received by customers. The presentation of clothing in a coherent environment is also sales-promoting. If the photo tells a story, the attention factor is higher. Examples of a suitable combination: work clothes in the workshop, wedding dresses in front of a church, sportswear in the gym, underwear in the bathroom or bedroom.

The third possibility of presentation is via mannequins or tailor's mannequins. Torsos are ideal for blouses, sweaters, shirts and jackets, dresses are better presented on a tailor's dummy or on a classic mannequin. Depending on the requirements, there are mannequins and accessories in different qualities and materials. Professional tailors' mannequins that are covered with linen look elegant. Alternatively, a torso equipped with a removable cover is suitable. Here, too, the fact that interactive photos with zoom function or 360 ° rotation and displays from several sides meet user requirements.

Finally, fashion can simply be photographed lying down or hanging on a hanger and put online. For t-shirts, stockings, shawls and comparable textiles, this is sometimes a viable option, but it may seem unkind and unappealing. For outerwear, it is generally the better choice to present the clothes in a more elaborate way, because this increases the sales opportunities.

The most beautiful designer piece is worthless if it is not found

Being visible on the web is one of the greatest challenges of all. A website with appealing photos and a functioning shop alone is not enough to attract customers. The search engine must find the website and place it as high as possible in the results. This means that the website has to be optimally prepared. This includes either a big wallet for a marketing agency or time to optimize the site yourself. Last but not least, ideas are in demand and founders can find inspiration here. The combination of all three components is certainly a recommendable option.