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Court: Google should filter out "torrent" in the search

According to the French Supreme Court, the search engine group Google can be obliged to remove certain terms such as "Torrent", "RapidShare" or "MegaUpload" from the auto-completion of the search query field. The company indirectly promotes copyright infringements if users are offered such terms to complete the search query, for example in connection with the name of a musician or via the instant search, according to the judges responsible. The procedure was initiated by the French music industry association SNEP in 2010.

The complaint criticized the fact that the Google algorithms often display corresponding terms as an additional suggestion when a user searches for a popular artist. The search engine automatically compiles the offers from previous inquiries from other users. The plaintiff insinuated that the search engine operator so that users who did not intend to obtain copyrighted works illegally first point out corresponding offers and thus initiate legal violations.

In two instances, SNEP was unsuccessful with this view. Only the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the music industry. According to the judgment, a keyword filter could be a suitable measure to curb copyright infringement, reported the magazine 'TorrentFreak'.

The judges admitted that Google was not responsible for copyright violations that take place on third party websites. However, the company already saw a responsibility not to simplify access to the corresponding offers.

Google has now appealed the decision to the appellate court. The company is primarily concerned with maintaining control over its filter lists. Because some terms have been kept out of auto-completion for a good year. However, the French ruling could mean that Google can no longer decide for itself which words are blocked, but that various external parties can determine the structure of the filter lists. Google, logo, search engineGoogle

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