Allah punishes those who frighten others

مشاهدة النسخة كاملة: The correct interpretation for the word terrorize (frighten) in the Koran

Imam Nasser Mohammed El-Yemani
03-11 - 1437 AH
06-08 - 2016 AD
3:06 AM

The correct interpretation for the word terrorize (frighten) in the Koran

In the name of Allah Most Merciful, Most Merciful, prayer, peace and forgiveness upon all prophets and messengers and their righteous virtuous families and all leading believers who vie with one another in good deeds.
God the Exalted said:
And keep ready for them what strength you can (have) and horses ready to fight in order to frighten the enemies of Allah and your enemies, as well as others besides them whom you do not know; But Allah knows them! And whatever you spend in the path of Allah will come to you in full and no wrong will be done to you. [Al-Anfal] 8:60

Now for the true explanation for the word terrorize (frighten), I swear by Allah who gives no god but him, God does not call you to fight His enemies and yours, but rather He means to prepare for battle with weapons and all possible means ,
so that Allah's enemies will frighten away from you and they will not dare to attack you, some enemies are unknown to you but Allah knows them ready. and if God - as you claim - had meant the call to kill with this verse! then how can you kill your unknown enemies that you have no idea about them?
So Allah does not invite you to declare war against your enemies but only calls you to equip yourself for the war and to prepare for the fight so that they will be afraid of you and they will not dare to attack you.
Fear Allah and think carefully about the Koran as it should be.

We are advocates for world peace between all people and we want peaceful coexistence between
Reaching Muslims and other believers, but the malicious terrorists who wrongly kill people, repeatedly deny this verse in the Kuran and claim that God calls against infidels to kill, but I argue with the correct interpretation and say: Allah meant by this Verse that you are obliged to finance military equipment and be prepared for the fight, so that their known and unknown enemies do not dare to attack you, only in this way would gain respect, war and bloodshed be mutually prevented, but if they try to attack you anyway and to attack the leader of God's mission to extinguish God's light, then you should know that Allah is with you, He will support you and will grant you victory over them, because surely Allah is strong and mighty.

Without question, Islam is a religion of global peace, forbids causing disaster on earth, calls for the bloodshed, injustice and cruelty of man to be prevented to his fellow men and above all invites us to worship Allah with knowledge.
In religion there is no compulsion, because whoever wants to believe in him should believe and whoever does not want to believe should do it.
Your job is only to convey the message of Allah, Allah is responsible for the accounting, therefore He rewards the believers with paradise and punishes the unbelievers with hellfire.

Verily this is the same message from Messenger of Allah Prophet Mohammed, Allah's forgiveness and peace be upon him and his family.
Confirmed with the word of Allah the Most Exalted:
"Say: This is my way: I call to Allah on the basis of a visible clue, me and those who follow me. Praise be to Allah! And I am not one of the idolaters." [Youssef]. 12: 108
Allah was telling the truth.

So fear Allah and keep your duties to Him and think carefully about His words and not change the words of God from their actual and intended meaning.

Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and all praise be due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Your brother Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed El-Yemani

البيان الحقّ لآية الإرهاب في مُحكم الكتاب القرآن العظيم ..

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