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Guarantee conditions

The manufacturer (Vierfreunde GmbH) grants a 24-month guarantee on sunglasses and wristwatches if they were purchased in the manufacturer's online shop. The guarantee applies to consumers within the meaning of § 13 BGB. We do not provide a guarantee for companies within the meaning of Section 14 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

In order to take advantage of the good mood guarantee, a copy of the original invoice / proof of purchase must be enclosed with the return.

The period for calculating the warranty period begins with the invoice date. The manufacturer's guarantee extends to Germany and all member states of the European Union. If material or manufacturing defects occur during this period, the manufacturer, as the guarantor, grants one of the following services of his choice within the framework of the guarantee:
- free repair of the goods or
- Free exchange of the goods for an equivalent article (possibly also a successor model if the original goods are no longer available).
If the guarantee claim is justified, the guarantee will be processed carriage paid. Shipping costs incurred by the customer will be reimbursed by the guarantor in the event of a guarantee.

The 24-month good mood guarantee does not include ...

... at Clocks
- Defects and damage caused by loss, theft and environmental influences (moisture, extreme cold or heat, overvoltage, dust, etc.), in particular damage caused by moisture and water,
- Defects or damage caused by improper use, carelessness (bumps, dents, breaks, broken glass, etc.) or accidents,
- Defects or damage caused by unjustified or unauthorized repairs or changes and
- Defects and damage caused by normal wear and tear and aging (for example small scratches on the case and / or glass, abrasion of the watch strap and peeling of the coating, etc.).

... at Glasses
- Scratched glasses, unless you can prove that the goods already showed the said defect at the time of delivery
- Breakage, unless the breakage was caused by defects in material and workmanship

... products of the categories JewelleryInterior as spare Parts.

Vierfreunde GmbH reserves the right to refuse the guarantee claim in the following cases: - Loss of or damage to the goods during transport,
- Missing proof of purchase or
- if the KERBHOLZ product was purchased from a dealer. In this case, the dealer is available for complaints.
Further legal rights are not restricted by this guarantee promise. In particular, any existing statutory warranty rights towards us remain unaffected by this guarantee promise.

Please send your warranty claim to us at the following address:

Vierfreunde GmbH
Wilhelm-Mauser-Str. 14-16
50827 Cologne
Germany / Germany

or by email to: [email protected]