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If you have family members in Germany, you can submit an application for establishment or to preserve the family cohabitation. The prerequisite for this is that your family member is in possession of a residence permit, has sufficient living space and is able to secure a living.

The Goethe-Institut offers intensive courses that lead to the A1 exam. This certificate from the Goethe-Institut can be used to apply for a visa for family reunification. Find out more on our website and let us advise you.


In order to be able to integrate successfully into German society, you need good language skills and knowledge of the country and its people. How do you deal with the neighbors? How do you approach colleagues? Intercultural training helps you to find your way around and to recognize and avoid problems at an early stage. We'd be happy to advise you.

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Juan01 Guide to Germany

The “JUAN01 Guide to Germany” should prepare you for your first time in Germany.
This booklet is intended to help you orientate yourself better in your future living environment in Germany. We hope that it will facilitate your integration in Germany. We wish you every success and the future that you hope for. Here you can find the book in English,

Juan01 Guide to Germany


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The booklet is a linguistic introduction for health workers and nurses to everyday German clinical practice and is intended to provide nursing staff with answers to frequently asked questions.
Here you can find the book in German and Vietnamese. Have fun while reading!

A Guide for Nursing Professionals (German)

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Tara na sa Germany!

The web portal "Tara Na Sa Germany - Auf nach Deutschland" is aimed at Filipino immigrants who wish to live and work in Germany. The concept of "Tara Na Sa Germany" helps to take the step to Germany and also provides basic basics to make integration easier. The Tara Na Sa Germany website is available in Tagalog, Cebuano and English.


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