Uses gay as an insult to homophobic

Discrimination : “Gay” is a dirty word for many students

62 percent of the sixth graders in Berlin use the terms “fagot” and “gay” as swear words. This was found in a study by the Humboldt University that was described as representative and presented on Friday. The word "lesbian" is still used as a dirty word by 40 percent of sixth graders. 787 pupils from 20 schools were interviewed for the study on the acceptance of sexual diversity.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the less their teachers talk about the topic in class and treat same-sex or gender atypical lifestyles as normal, the more negatively the students think about homosexuals or bisexuals. It also makes a measurable difference if schools generally outlaw bullying in their mission statement.

"Adolescents show a higher acceptance of sexual diversity, the more often their teachers have discussed being lesbian and gay in class, the less they have made fun of lesbians, gays or gender atypical behavior," says the psychologist Ulrich Klocke who directed the investigation. His conclusion: "Teachers have a multitude of possibilities to reduce bullying and homophobia and to create a climate of acceptance of social diversity."

In addition to heterosexuals, they could also mention same-sex lovers and couples "as a matter of course when it comes to topics such as love, family or friendship". They should also make it clear that bullying and marginalization are outlawed at their school and that they do not tolerate discrimination. “And they can't start early enough, because homophobic insults are particularly widespread among sixth graders.” You can find the complete study under the link here and here.

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