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Fun with flags - backgrounds with the stars from "The Big Bang Theory"

Fans of the series "The Big Bang Theory" have known it for a long time. Much of the content and facts actually correspond to reality. The viewer can not only laugh, but is also educated. Sheldon's web show was created as a running gag. He dedicates himself to vexillology and is supported by Amy. The couch in the living room serves as the location for filming, with a whiteboard usually visible in the background.

Sheldon Cooper presents fun with flags

However, the information mentioned is rarely clarified - we want to fill this gap. We continuously describe what happens in the conversation between Sheldon and Amy and substantiate the fragments with concrete facts.

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Season 5 Episode 14

  • The Beta Test Initiation
  • German first broadcast: 13.03.2012 Prosieben

But first we start with the general table of contents of the episode:“While Sheldon wants to spread his knowledge of flags to the world via video podcast, Leonard and Penny are discussing their possible future as a couple. Penny is very afraid that she might end a new relationship with Leonard on a sudden impulse. But Leonard wouldn't be Leonard if he didn't have an extremely rational solution to this problem. Raj has also succumbed to the spell of a woman - but something is wrong with this strange liaison ... "

Sheldon Cooper: "Hello, I'm Dr. Sheldon Cooper. I welcome you to the premiere episode of Sheldon Cooper Presents "Fun With Flags".

In the next 52 weeks you and I will be researchers of the dynamic world of vexillology. "

Amy: "Not so fast, Doctor C .: What is vexillology?"

What is vexillology

Vexillology is the science of flags and deals with the use, history and symbolic power of flags and banners. As an auxiliary science, it belongs to heraldry and, due to its special character, is at the same time a discipline within political science as well as communication or social sciences.

Sheldon Cooper: "Vexillology is the knowledge of flags and banners".

Amy: "Cool! I think I learned something! "

Sheldon: "Did you have fun doing it?"

Amy: "Yes, and how!"

Sheldon: "Fun and information are the two sides of this video podcast!"

Fun and information can be found on the website

Our website in general and our blog in particular should also provide you with information!

Sheldon: “Much like the two-sided flag of the state of Oregon. Oh, look! "

Flag is turned

Sheldon: "Hello, Mr. Bieber"

The flag of Oregon

The flag of Oregon has two different sides. This is unique in the USA. On the front of the flag is the seal of Oregon. On this seal you can see a bald eagle holding an olive branch with one claw and a quiver of arrows with the other. The olive branch stands for peace, the arrows signal readiness for battle. The eagle has spread its wings and is enthroned at the top of the picture. Below it, nature, seafaring and agriculture are symbolized with individual figures. The number 1859 indicates the year the seal came into effect.

On the other side is a beaver that refers to the country's nickname as "Biever State". The state got its name because of the forestry that is important to it.

Sheldon: "In later episodes we find answers to burning questions:"

"What is the only non-rectangular flag?"

We'll tell you: it's the flag of Nepal. Its unusual shape, consisting of two interconnected triangles, was officially chosen as the national flag in 1962. The triangles are intended as two pennants that point to the mountain peaks of the Himalayas. Both triangles have a white symbol each. The upper one bears the symbol of the royal family: crescent moon and star. On the lower one you can see the sun, the symbol of the Rana dynasty, which ruled over Nepal in the 19th century. The flag is crimson, the color of Nepal. They are framed by blue as the color of peace.

Which animals are often on flags?

The most common animals on flags are lions and eagles. Both animals have always been ascribed a majestic character.

Sheldon: "And much more!"

A white flag is waved

Amy: "Sweet"

Sheldon: "Why are you waving a white flag?"

Why are we waving a white flag?

The saying "wave the white flag" stands for surrender or surrender. There are several theories for practical application. One says that in many countries the color white stands as the color of peace and purity. Someone waving a white flag is signaling their readiness for peace. Another option is less romantic and more practical. White is a noticeable color. A white flag is recognized even in the greatest commotion. If you want to give up in battle, you have to make yourself noticeable. Already in the time of Rome, surrenders were signaled with the white flag. In the Middle Ages, people who were not soldiers but needed access to the theater of war (such as messengers) were supposed to equip themselves with white pennants and flags. So they could - at least theoretically - be recognized by the enemy as unarmed.

Amy: "I surrender ... to the fun!"

Sheldon: “So, today's edition of Fun With Flags is not fun! But it is important. Flags! "

Do you know the difference between flags and banners?

A flag is always unique and is kept as such. A flag, on the other hand, is available in a variety. While a flag is hoisted, a flag is attached to a flagpole.

Sheldon: “You must know how to hold them! You have to know how to fold them. "

How is the Germany flag folded?

Note: After folding, the federal eagle (if present) should still be visible.

It starts with the gold bar and the black bar. Both are folded together so that only the red bar with the federal eagle remains. Then the flag is halved on both sides on the left and right.

Sheldon: “Let's start with the…. This edge is the stick side. And if you have the flag in four [...] "

What are the components of a flag?

A flag consists of seven parts.

  • Coat of arms field (A)
  • Upper Liek (B)
  • Upper flight section (C)
  • Lower leech (D)
  • Lower flight part (E)
  • Flag line (F)
  • Flagpole with head (G)

The flag is divided into four equal parts. Upper left is the upper leech (B), lower left the lower leech (D). Upper right is the upper flight part (C), lower left the lower flight part (E). The flagpole and flag line are usually to the left of the flag. So it blows to the right of the mast. A special feature is the coat of arms field (A), also called Gösch. This is located in the upper leech at the top left.
Sheldon: "But like the flag on the Capitol, I'm still there!"

Background to the flag on the Capitol

On December 6, 2007, the American flag fluttered for 24 hours on the Capitol in Washington for the naval comradeship "Admiral Graf Spee" from Helbra. The raising of the flag prompted Senator John Warner at the time.

If you want to take a hoisted flag home with you as a souvenir from the USA, for example, you should check out the United States Capitol Flag Program. In this one finds the right to acquire a flag hoisted on the Capitol. It should have blown there for at least three seconds. Then it is officially considered to be hoisted.

Sheldon: "So take 2!" And dissolve!

Sheldon: "Here is something very interesting about flags"

Raj: "I can not wait any longer!"

Sheldon: “The flags of Lichtenstein and Haiti happened to be identical. That was only discovered when they competed against each other at the Olympic Games in 1936! "

Flags of Lichtenstein and Haiti

In fact, the Lichtenstein flag and the Haiti flag have the same colors in the same arrangement. Both have the same continuous blue stripe in the upper leech and upper flight part and the same continuous red stripe in the lower leech and lower flight part. The stripes are the same size on both flags.

It wasn't until the Olympic Games in 1936 that the problem became apparent. However, both national flags kept their colors. In order to distinguish the flags, Liechtenstein decided to incorporate the princely coat of arms into the flag.

Sheldon: “Speaking of which, cowboy: do you know which country has not just one cow but two cows in its flag? The vanishingly small landlocked country Andorra! "

Why does Andorra have two cows in the flag?

The flag of Andorra consists of three vertical stripes of equal size in the colors (from left to right) blue, yellow and red. In the middle of the flag is the four-part coat of arms. In every corner there is a piece of Andorra history. The miter and shepherd's staff at the top left represent the reign of Bishop Urgel. In the upper right corner you can see three stakes, which are supposed to remind of the time of Count Foix. The stakes in the lower left symbolize Catalonia. At the bottom left are two red cows on a gold background with clearly visible horns and a blue collar. This symbol is intended to remind of the castle of Béarn.

The Bavarian flag

Bavaria has two flags in the national colors white and blue. The stripe flag has two horizontal stripes of equal size. The diamond flag is decorated with alternating blue and white diamonds. There is no regulation as to when which flag should be used. We find both versions both at the internationally known Oktoberfest and in official matters.

Sheldon Cooper presents Fun with Flags

Season 6 Episode 7

  • The Habitation Configuration

Episode: In a new episode of "Fun with Flags" Sheldon would like to dedicate himself to the subject of Star Trek. Since Wil Wheaton played Wesley Crusher on the series, he should attend the episode. Amy films the scenery and constantly criticizes Wil. Since Sheldon does not support her in her criticism, she leaves the apartment angrily.

Season 6 episode 17

  • Nobody is as broken as me | The monster isolation

Episode: Penny helps Sheldon in a "Fun With Flags" episode and is supposed to return her a favor and attend her theatrical performance.

Season 8 Episode 10

  • The champagne pact | The Champagne Reflection

Episode: In this episode, Amy and Sheldon film the 232nd episode of Fun With Flags.

Season 9 Episode 2

  • Execution of marriage | The Separation Oscillation

Episode: Sheldon processes the breakup with Amy with a special episode of Fun With Flags.

Season 10 episode 21

  • The retrospective retrospective | The separation agitation

Episode: In a retrospective, Amy and Sheldon would like to take a closer look at past episodes of their series. Penny and Leaonard are supposed to share their memories of the making of the series with viewers in a video.

Amy and Sheldon then call on viewers to share their favorite moments with the show. The only caller is Bert, who only says that he has a girlfriend.

At the end of the Big Bang Theory episode, Sheldon and Amy tell that the last series episode of Fun With Flags was well received. So you would like to point out how it came about again: A retrospective retrospective.

But enough of the theory and have a look around our website and find out things about the flag alphabet, flag fabrics or beach flags.