How do I choose the next solo trip

14 essential tips for solo travelers

Do your friends or family have no time or are in the mood for your dream travel destination? Can't find a suitable travel partner or do you just want to travel alone? With our tips for solo travelers you are well prepared for your next vacation.

Travel tips for solo travelers

Traveling alone, including as a woman, is becoming increasingly popular. Some people shy away from it because they are afraid of being alone or because they feel unsafe abroad.

Women traveling: Alone? No problem
The paradox is: Especially as a solo traveler, you come into contact with other people much easier and faster. In fact, in most cases, people will speak to you first.

1. Tip for solo travelers: research

Find out in advance about the travel destination. The more unknown a country is to you, the more intensive your research should be. On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs you can find detailed information about entry requirements, vaccination recommendations, travel warnings, visa matters, etc. for the respective travel destinations.

In addition to general information, research known tourist traps, cultural and religious backgrounds, proper clothing, laws and local behavior. The momondo blog provides you with lots of travel tips and information for countless countries around the world.

2. Positive attitude

Realize that the majority of people are totally fine. If you should be imagining horror scenarios while planning your trip, it is advisable to reconsider the travel destination and travel to a country that is easier for you to make friends with.

Suitable travel destinations for solo travelers
Your positive attitude is important and it doesn't help if you get on the plane with a bad feeling. Therefore, choose your travel destinations carefully. Once you become more confident, you can aim for longer long-distance travel destinations. Every trip is unique, regardless of whether you are “only” going to a neighboring country or changing continent.

3. Contact

Report to your family and friends as soon as you land. Share regularly where you are and what you have planned for the next few days. Especially when you are traveling alone, it is important that at least one person knows where you are. This may sound a little exaggerated to some, but depending on the travel destination or activities on site, you should pay close attention to safety.

If you are planning a longer day trip and you feel uncomfortable, you can also let the staff at your accommodation know and tell them which tour operator you are traveling with. The HR staff will be happy to advise you on questions and remove any uncertainties.

Buy a local SIM card to make it even easier for you to get in touch with loved ones. The SIM cards are inexpensive and you can always search for directions via Google Maps, which is another advantage. Constantly having a stable internet connection and contact with the people in your home country gives you an incredible feeling of security.

4. Insurance

After you have made several solo trips, you will most likely find that you are only dependent on hand luggage. So think twice about whether you really need luggage insurance. Many travel insurances are unnecessary, but you should always take out one insurance - international health insurance. As soon as you are staying outside of Europe for a longer period of time, you should definitely take out international health insurance. There is nothing worse than being ill alone abroad and not receiving any medical care or spending hundreds of euros uninsured on a hospital visit and medication.

How to find the right insurance for you

5. Tip for solo travelers: book a flight

If you are traveling alone to an unknown country, it is important to pay attention to the flight times.

  • Book your flights so that you land during the day. Nobody wants to arrive at night in a foreign country and lose their bearings.
  • During the day you just feel more comfortable and can take your time to find your accommodation in peace and to do errands, such as shopping. B. SIM card to buy drinks or groceries.

The flight may be more expensive if you land during the day, but it saves you a lot of stress and hassle, which is priceless. If you have booked a direct transfer from the airport to the hotel in advance, the night flight is less of a problem.

Valuable tips for your flight search

6. Tip for single travelers: Accommodation

Store the address of your accommodation in your smartphone and save your booking confirmations in your e-mail inbox for security. If you are traveling in exotic countries where little or no English is spoken, you should save the address of your accommodation in the respective national language and show it to the taxi driver. This means fewer misunderstandings and he can get you to your desired destination faster. As soon as you have arrived at your accommodation, you should definitely take the business card of the hotel, hostel, etc. with you. It can quickly happen that the battery of your smartphone is empty while you are on the move and you have forgotten the address of your accommodation or the way to get there. With the business card in hand, you can always ask the locals and taxi drivers for directions and find your way back quickly.

Find your accommodation

7. Safe

Use the safe in your accommodation, if one is available. Alternatively, you can also use security locks to lock your valuables.

Generally speaking, you should have faith in people, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Along with credit card, camera, smartphone, etc., your passport is your most important item when traveling. You should store your IDs safely at all times.

8. Data backup

Save your data digitally and take a photo of your passport and identity card.

  • You should store the photos of your personal details in your e-mail inbox, in the Dropbox or in Google Drive.
  • If that's not enough for you, you can also copy your passport and identity card and keep the copies in your hand luggage. The same principle applies to your hotel bookings, flight tickets, etc.

9. money

You should always have enough cash with you in case of an emergency. For a longer stay abroad, at least one credit card and € 100-300 cash must be taken with you.

After arriving at the airport, the first thing you should do is to withdraw money in the local currency with your credit card. You only keep the euro cash you brought with you for emergencies or change it if there are problems with an ATM or your credit card.

10. Tip for solo travelers: Organized tours and activities

Take part in organized tours and let locals show you the area. You will not only find out exciting backgrounds to the individual sights, but also come into contact with other travelers at the same time.

11. Appearance

Radiate self-confidence and don't let other people confuse you. You shouldn't appear arrogant and arrogant, but it is important to be self-determined and to say a friendly "no" if necessary.

There are times when you may be pressured into buying overpriced souvenirs. Here it is important to make it clear to your compatriots in a friendly but firm manner that you are not interested. No matter how annoyed you should be, always keep calm and treat others politely.

You have a hard time assessing the mentality of the local people. Therefore, use jokes, irony and sarcasm sparingly. Not everyone understands your humor and could misinterpret your statements.

12. Customize

Not only your clothing style should adapt to the desired travel destination. If someone asks you whether you are visiting the country or the place for the first time, the answer is always: "No, I have been here a few times". In this way, you are giving the other person to understand that you know your way around and that they shouldn't even try to rip you off.

If someone should ask you whether you are traveling alone and you feel unsure about it, you can answer: "No, my friends or my partner is in the hotel room right now and will come soon." These little white lies are totally fine and take care your safety.

If you do not know the way, do not try desperately to wave your tourist map back and forth, but rather go to the nearest café or restaurant instead of asking someone on the street. This means that you are less likely to fall victim to backyard shops that want to sell you overpriced items. Leave your expensive jewelry at home, dress simply and behave modestly.

13. Language

Learn the most important words and phrases in the local language and write them down. The most important words include:

  • Hello
  • Yes
  • No
  • thanks
  • How expensive?
  • Where can I find…?
  • bye

14. Awareness

When traveling, some people behave more recklessly than in their home country. If you have made friends with other travelers and you want to go out in the evening, make sure that you:

  • Have enough money and copies of your ID / passport with you
  • already on the way there you know how to get back to your accommodation later on your own
  • Don't let strangers buy you anything unless you get the drink squeezed into your hand by the bartender
  • Keeping an eye on and in hand your drinks all evening
  • don't get drunk and be fully conscious at all times

Summary - Tips for Solo Travelers:

  • Be positive and look forward to your solo trip
  • Find out more about your travel destination
  • Check in with friends and family regularly
  • Book your flights so that you land during the day or have a direct transfer to your accommodation
  • Save important travel documents and booking confirmations digitally and take copies with you if necessary
  • Learn the most important words in the local language by heart
  • Be open-minded, self-confident and act like a local
  • Be fully aware at all times and plan ahead
  • Show others your limits if you have to and always be friendly and determined
  • Travel intuitively and listen to your gut instinct
  • Enjoy your time on site and do not worry so much about negative thoughts

Do you want to go on your next trip alone? Our anywhere search function will help you find your solo dream trip!

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