Is Google Home available in India

Pay easily - with Google

Google Pay. The simple and fast way to pay in shops, in apps or on the web. You can also collect rewards from our partners and save your favorite cards - all in one place.

Your data remains safe and secure.

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Contactless, fast and secure in shops

Simply pay with what you already have on hand - Android smartphone or smartwatch. Faster than reaching for your wallet or paying with a giro card.

Google Pay works wherever you see these symbols on the payment terminal

Look out for these symbols at the checkout

Google Pay already works with numerous debit or credit cards in Germany. In addition, each bank account can be stored in Google Pay via PayPal. Very easily.

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Your safety is our concern

Google Pay protects your payment information with several layers of security. Your card number is never saved on your smartphone, but instead an encrypted virtual account number is used. For higher payment amounts (depending on the credit institution stored), you also have to unlock your device - but even then do not enter a PIN on the terminal. And if your smartphone is lost, you can remotely search for it, lock it or delete the contents stored on it - unlike your conventional wallet. So your account is always safe.

Same advantages - less effort

With Google Pay you can continue to secure rewards, receive cashback and use the advantages of your bank or PayPal - without taking your wallet out of your pocket. You can also save loyalty point programs from our partners and collect points via your smartphone.

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