What is the color of pure gold

The guide to gold colors

Finding the right shade of gold for an engagement ring is just as important as the diamond itself. With our gold guide you will find out which factors play a role in choosing the right shade of gold.

Yellow gold: Classic and fashionable, yellow gold enchants with its warm color, timelessness and shine. Yellow gold has largely regained popularity and is currently one of the most popular choices among our customers.

White gold: The contemporary and simple white gold is very popular and provides a polished and modern look. White gold gets its silvery-white character from the combination of different alloys and is coated with rhodium, which gives the surface a particularly white appearance.

Rose gold: Romantic and unique, rose gold has a warm and calming charisma. It is particularly popular because of the skin-colored tone that is created by combining yellow gold with a copper alloy. It was a very popular choice for engagement rings in the retro era (1935-1950s) and is making a big comeback in recent years.

Gold is versatile and is perfect for jewelry because it does not oxidize. Since pure gold, 24 carat, is too soft, it is mixed with other metals such as silver and copper to give more durability and more color choice (24K is always yellow). The percentage of the alloy used determines the gold content: 10k (42%), 14k (58%), 18k (75%) and 24k (100%).

In order to offer you the most beautiful gold tones, the best shine and the highest value retention, we at My Diamond Ring only work with 18k gold.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right shade of gold with the right diamond:

  1. Think of their everyday jewelry style and pick the gold color that is most commonly worn.
  2. Imagine your future wedding rings and think about what color gold you want
  3. Consider your skin tone: colder skin tones look best in white gold, while warmer skin tones look best in yellow. Neutral skin tones look good in all shades. And if you're unsure, rose gold will compliment any skin tone.
  4. Take into account the quality of the diamond when choosing a shade of gold.
    1. White gold is a good choice for diamonds that are graded in the colorless range (D through H on the GIA color scale) - as it highlights the colorlessness of the diamond.
    2. Yellow or rose gold are good choices if your diamond color is below H, I.