Melts porcelain

Can porcelain be put in the oven?

Can porcelain dishes be put in the oven?

Generally yes. Porcelain is considered refractory, which means that it can be exposed to very high temperatures. Porcelain is fired at 1000 to 1500 degrees for several days, so the 200 degrees in the oven cannot harm it.

Can the porcelain crack in the oven?

Nevertheless, some people have had bad experiences with porcelain in the oven: the porcelain will crack or even break apart. This can happen if the porcelain is inferior. When porcelain is fired, it is very common for the porcelain to crack. These pieces should actually be replaced. In inferior productions, however, these cracks can simply be covered up with the glaze. If the porcelain is now heated in the oven, the cracks warp and become visible again or even break apart completely.

What is to be considered?

  • So you should only put high quality porcelain, i.e. porcelain from well-known manufacturers, in the oven.
  • It is also important that you do not take the porcelain from one extreme to the other: For example, if you had a porcelain casserole dish in the freezer, you should first warm it up to room temperature before putting it in the oven.

Can porcelain be put in the microwave?

High-quality porcelain can also be put in the microwave without any problems, as long as it does not have a gold rim or other shiny metallic components. Gold rims or other metal polarize the electrical field that prevails in the microwave, creating voltage that is discharged in the form of lightning bolts. The beautiful decorations can burn through here.

Burning porcelain in the oven - is that possible?

Raw porcelain cannot be fired in the oven because the temperatures are not sufficient to produce the desired hardness. However, porcelain can be painted by hand with special ceramic pens or paints. After painting, the color is fixed on the porcelain in the oven. Read here how to paint porcelain.

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