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Do you also have back pain, tension, circulatory disorders, etc? Then try the Ceragem therapy couch. (Massage, infrared heat, acupressure, stretching the spine and much more.)
According to the motto “test first - then buy”, we offer you to test the CERAGEM thermal acupressure massage table extensively - free of charge and completely without obligation. The infrared radiation and the incorporated jade stones will unfold their beneficial effect within a very short time. CERAGEM massage table has been recognized as a medical therapy table since the beginning of 2007. The therapy can be tried out in the center once a day over a long period of time.
We look forward to seeing you in the CERAGEM branch in Nuremberg Allersbergerstr. 103 personally. More information on the Internet at ceragem-nü
Back pain and spinal diseases are the most common health problems in our society. Every third person has problems with their spine, and back pain is a clear sign of our civilization. Herniated discs and pain in the arms and legs that spread to the feet are not uncommon. As a result of the relieving postures that this triggers, tension often occurs.
-Problems in the neck area cause headaches.
-Problems in the chest area lead to organ disorders, circulatory disorders.
- Problems in the loin, bladder weakness, prostate, knee pain are the consequences.

What can you do about it? Not much. Massage, gymnastics, stretching, stretching and if that doesn't help, surgery. There are alternatives that could avoid surgery and relieve the pain, e.g. B Treatment of the spine on a medically approved therapy table from CERAGEM. It also replaces chiropractic, moxa, pressure massage and infrared heat treatment. This also ensures better blood circulation, and much more.

CERAGEM works in such a way that you can test the therapy couch without obligation.
With additional advice when trying out the bed, and with your own conviction, you will then be able to make optimal use of the device at home and include everyone in the family. Whether for healing, prevention or wellness.

Dr. med. Georg Schirowski
Doctor for manual therapy, chiropractic therapy, osteopathy
General and natural medicine
Laufer Weg 9 90562 Heroldsberg
Experience of using the Ceragem - Master massage table and medical opinion

I have been using the CERAGEM couch for over 2 years with great success, both in the private and in the therapeutic area with my patients.
The main indicators include complaints and dysfunction of the entire spine (muscle pain / muscle hardness, nerve pain, signs of disease due to pressure on nerve roots, herniated discs, wear and tear of the vertebral arch joints and cartilage, inflammation and trauma) and other joints such as pelvis, shoulders, elbows, knees etc.) From the literature, however, successful applications are known for high blood pressure and low blood pressure, heart and vascular ailments, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (e.g. gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis (inflammation of the gastric mucosa) and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the duodenum, heartburn or chronic constipation), diseases of the bronchi, chronic phlegm, diseases of the sexual organs, as well as pain in the dam and pubic area, psycho-vegetative disorders (e.g. sleep disorders, depression, anxiety), etc.
The list of indications can be expanded almost at will because the CERAGEM treatment is practically free of side effects.
As possible circumstances that advise caution, I can imagine severe osteoporosis with the risk of fractures, severe tumor diseases, and a poor general condition in the dying.
The CERAGEM treatment combines a muscle and connective tissue massage with reflex therapy, acupressure under infrared heat. This useful combination leads to an increase in blood circulation and an improvement in the blood flow to the tissue, an improvement in the metabolism and tissue generation, an improvement in the function of the spine and other joints through gentle extension (stretching), relief and subsequent correction of position, as well as an improvement in general well-being through stimulation of the nerve connections.
A short-term worsening of the symptoms, especially with long-lasting ailments, occurs relatively often, but is gladly accepted by almost all patients with regard to long-term permanent improvement.
The success rate is very high, sometimes 100% with long-term use.
The CERAGEM therapy device offers a real alternative for a large number of people who are looking for a better quality of life and an improvement in their symptoms inexpensively, without side effects and without involving the expensive and inadequate health system.

Dr. med. Georg Schirowski signature.

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