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Make-up set and beauty case - women's cosmetics in a complete set

And the second is: OneMake Up Set and a little skill can do amazing things! The way in which you prefer to use the possibilities of the make-up set depends, of course, on your personal style and the occasion. For a versatile make-up set, it is beneficial to master all types of play as possible.

A make-up set in a case is a real magic chest when used in the right way. The make-up case must leave nothing to be desired, from subtle emphasis and extremely delicate lamination from the eyelashes to the fingernails. And even if the make-up for a special occasion is to be designed to be particularly effective, the versatile bases and variants from eye shadow and nail polish to lipstick or lip gloss never reach their limits.

Yves Saint Laurent, Art Deco, Emotions - top brands in the cosmetics online shop

The make-up set as a suitcase or beauty case is a perfect way to keep your own make-up utensils and personal beauty secrets at home. Thanks to its compact size, it also shows its strengths when traveling. The beauty case is ready for use with one hand. In addition, this extensive and versatile make-up set can be equipped and expanded according to your personal style.

Compact, flat and elegant, the make-up set as a beauty box is perfect for the handbag. With their selection of eye shadow and blush, the shapely little helpers offer everything you need to freshen up the effect of the subtle beauty products in any environment. Practical, compact, refillable and of course with an integrated pocket mirror, they belong in every woman's handbag.

Fine make-up sets from Art Deco, exclusive eyeshadows from Yves Saint Laurent or compact and extensive make-up cases from Emotions can be found in our cosmetics online shop. Do something good for yourself and order your elegant make-up set online at GALERIA Karstadt Kaufhof!