When did Paris lose its charm?

Atelier des Lumières in Paris: Immerse yourself in the heart of great masterpieces

In the middle of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, between Bastille and Nation, a former iron foundry has been converted into an exhibition space in XXL format. Through "multimedia magic" the visitor goes on a journey through various works of art with the help of the 360 ​​° projection.

A work of art that you will be a temporary guest on!

This is the name of the Atelier des Lumières concept, which opened on April 13, 2018. This exhibition space promises to take the visitor on a whole new adventure - on A voyage of discovery of great names in art history.

140 video projectors and a spatial sound system enable the senses to travel: from the floor to the ceiling, the projectors and sound systems are installed on the 3,300 m² area.

© Culturespaces - Nuit de Chine - Visitors can move freely in the works of art.

Impressive, new exhibitions

The Atelier des Lumières always presents big names in art history, which can be explored using the 360 ​​° projections. The current program can be found on the website of the Atelier des Lumières (external link) in Paris.

© Culturespaces - Plasticine - The exhibition space moves into the former Plichon iron foundry.

Columns, hidden corners, a drying tower, a water tank and dimensions outside the norm: the former iron foundry Pilchon from the 19th century has been completely renovated to provide space for the Atelier des Lumières. Still, it has its industrial charm not lost. Perfect conditions for decorating and animating the room and for surprising the visitor's eye - in an architectural monument that appeals to all the senses.