Is Sheldon Cooper an INTJ Personality?

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Hmm Difficult as I can't really understand Ni. I think, however, that Ni tries to combine different thoughts or ideas into a single complex point of view, while Ne tries to generate different points of view by creating new links of ideas across contexts. (Therefore, with Ne, the result is a variety of ideas. However, these ideas usually only arise in specific situations. Intuition is generally a fairly spontaneous matter. Suddenly out of nowhere.)

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You have already described it very well However, this still does not represent a "perfect" distinction or it cannot be divided as well as Sensing or Thinking, with Feeling I was again confused after the book about Socionics by Ekaterina Filatova, where the difference between the introverts is now and extrovert version exists

I will now read on "Gifts Differing" and try to get a better understandingand if that doesn't help, Carl Gustav Jung tortures me with psychological types

What about people who are Ni-dominant? Could you see this if you saw this?

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Oh yes, I noticed a certain directness in the language and, as I said, what is written by an INFJ is totally easy to recognize Especially as an HSP, the more I get to reflect, the more I get to recognize the types, the more and more I get to recognize.

The only problem is that we Ni doms are totally rare
By the way, Se-doms are very easy to identify, especially my dual, ESFPno wonder identifying your dual is always easy, even easier than your own type
Or in my case xSFJs boah total potential for conflict due to the different functions, only one thing helps DISTANCE
I know what I'm talking about, my father is an ISFJ and my sister is an ESFJ, that was total horror
You have to imagine me as NT (intellect-temperament) with xSFJs who are not able to understand verbal logic.

Okay, I don't know yet, but they are being watched

The following fictional people could be Ni-dominant, but I'm not sure

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- Spock: I don't see myself as much as Spock, but it can be, as I said, it is difficult to analyze fictional types
- Jean Luc Picard (It is claimed that he is INTJ no idea where that comes from? I don't see him as one anyway)
- Dr. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) Here I am missing the information about ISTJs but if you subtract the autism and the movement patterns Sheldon goes totally as INTJ
- Gandalf (the magician) can be but not because of his age he could also be considered an ISFP

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I think it is extremely unlikely that you have changed your personality from INFP to ESTJ. That would practically amount to a complete change in your personality.

A change from an orientation based on moral values ​​to an organization of daily routines based on practical efficiency.

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Jup you can't change your type and you can't train cognitive functions like skills either.

Incidentally, in Socionic the intuition dominants (Ni, Ne -INxJ / ENxP) and sensation dom. Types (Se, Si -ESxP, ISxJ) Irrational / unstable, in the MBTI that means the P (perceiving) at the end, because the autopilot function works directly with information from the outside world.
The rational types are the Feeling dom. (Fi, Fe -IxFP / ExFJ) and Thinking dom. Types
(Ti, Te -IxTP, ExTJ) Rational in the MBTI that would be the J at the end for judging (judging), clearly with thinking (T) and feeling (F) one judges and with intuition (N) and feeling (S) one does perceive
Why Isabell Briggs Myers changed that remains to be found out.