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Gluten always consists of two protein groups, the so-called prolamines and the glutenins. This is the case with every grain.

But the prolamins and glutelins in wheat differ from those in spelled and other grains. They differ in their structure. Therefore, they are called differently for each type of grain.

The glutenins in wheat are called glutenin.

The prolamins are called gliadin in wheat, hordein in barley and secalinin in rye.

These substances can now also be subdivided further: There is not just one single gliadin in wheat, but many different ones, namely the alpha, beta, gamma and omega gliadin.

And these also have subgroups. The omega-5 gliadin in wheat, for example, has been identified as the main trigger for allergic reactions.

There is no omega-gliadin in spelled, which can be an indication of its better tolerability. The gamma-gliadins in spelled are also different from those in wheat.

Overall, wheat also contains more Gluteline than spelled. The gluten content was increased through breeding (so that it is more suitable for industrial processing and the dough is more dimensionally stable). Spelled, on the other hand, provides more prolamins than wheat.

This different glutelin / prolamin ratio is the next factor that distinguishes spelled gluten from wheat gluten and can be responsible for the better tolerability of the spelled.

In addition to breeding influences, cultivation methods also change the protein quality. Original spelled farmers, for example, allow the old (long straw) spelled varieties to mature naturally in the field. The modern, short-straw wheat varieties, on the other hand, often receive a nitrogen fertilizer in the ear stage so that the wheat ultimately contains sufficient protein.

Although spelled has not yet been so heavily changed and influenced by breeding, spelled is not just spelled!

Because there have long been cross-breeds between spelled and wheat, which are sold as normal spelled, are already very widespread in conventional trade (the varieties are called, for example, "Rouquin" and "Hercule") and which of course also have the disadvantages of Bring wheat with you.

Therefore, give preference to pure spelled varieties (ask when buying spelled!) That have not been crossed with wheat. Here z. B. varieties such as Schwabenkorn, Holstenkorn, Oberkulmer Rotkorn, Bauländer Spelz, Neuegg Weisskorn, Ebners Rotkorn, Roter Tiroler, Ostro and Altgold.

Spelled as a grain essence

Bach flower essences are now on everyone's lips, but have you heard of "cereal essences"?

Grain grain is said to have been found in the Egyptian pyramids that was still capable of germination after 3000 years. This testifies to its strong vitality and led to grain not only becoming a staple food for humans, but also being used as a therapeutic agent at an early stage.

The idea behind the development of cereal essences is that plants, which in the physical area have the power to be a staple food for humans, must also have this effect in the subtle area.

Like the Bach flowers, essences were produced from 12 different types of grain, which in turn reflect 12 different basic types and are intended to support people in different life situations.

Despite their close relationship, spelled and wheat also represent very different areas here:

The spelled essence stands for joie de vivre and personality development and should help to develop our innermost being. It supports independent action and gives the strength and courage to live what we are.

The wheat essence, on the other hand, stands for order. It promotes our analytical and forward-looking action and helps with tidying up and tidying up inside and outside.

Here, too, it can be seen that nothing is just good or bad, but that everything unfolds its potential optimally in different situations and dosages.

However, after all the theory, let's get to the practical part, namely how the spelled can be turned into delicious treats in the kitchen.

Spelled - tasty and versatile

In principle, spelled can be used anywhere instead of wheat. With baked goods, however, you should take into account that spelled bread or rolls dry faster. It is therefore better to only bake small quantities.

But of course you can not only bake with the spelled. The list of all the possible uses of the spelled is extremely long:

  1. Of course, spelled goes well with baked goods and pasta such as B. in bread, rolls, cakes, waffles and pasta dough.
  2. Spelled also goes well in the form of fresh grain meal or spelled flakes in muesli.
  3. A warm spelled porridge can also be made from spelled.
  4. Cooked as a whole grain, spelled can be eaten as a side dish, in salads, in soups or in the form of spelled rice. Spelled rice is lightly ground spelled that cooks faster, but still contains 6 times as much fiber and twice as much protein as white rice.
  5. Of course, there is also spelled cous-cous.
  6. Spelled meal, hearty spelled flakes and green spelled meal can be wonderfully processed into patties or dumplings.
  7. Just like oat or rice milk, there is also spelled milk. Simply add 1.5 tablespoons of the spelled milk powder to a glass of water, stir vigorously and you can enjoy the delicious drink. Spelled milk also goes well with muesli. Since high-quality spelled milk powder is enriched with the calcium-containing alga Lithothamnium calcareum, the spelled milk provides just as much calcium as cow's milk.
  8. Spelled can also be sprouted. Then you eat the spelled sprouts in a salad or steamed with vegetables. Spelled sprouts can of course also be used to make a sprout bread. The germination process and the associated enzymatic activities in the grain multiply the amount of vital substances that can be absorbed from it, the gluten and phytic acid content is reduced and the base potential increases. It is therefore always very worthwhile to take on the comparatively low cost of making sprouts.
  9. If you let the spelled grow into grass, you can make spelled grass juice from it: Spelled grass juice is highly basic, is rich in chlorophyll and micronutrients, and supplies the cells with oxygen and vitality. The grass can of course also be mixed into green smoothies without juice. For the sake of simplicity, there is also spelled grass powder, so that a spelled grass drink is quickly mixed. And if you mix the powder into a juice rich in vitamin C, then the vitamin C increases the iron absorption from the spelled grass.
  10. Spelled beer and spelled coffee are available in your health food store or health food store. Both are a great change from conventional beer and coffee beans.


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