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Contribution from dawns (ForumUser / 99/0/0) »
To the description of the situation:
I have a variable string which is assigned the column name once and then the column content within a loop.
now I would like to save the content of the individual columns in an internal table.

The problem is that the content should be saved in the header / internal table and I don't know how to address it ...

I had thought of the following:
1. if the variable string the column name contains:
structure name + column name:
concatenate 'wa_xml_data-' string into gv_struc.

2. when the variable string then contains the content of the corresponding column I know the value too: gv_struc = string

unfortunately it does not recognize the gv_struc as a header (e.g. wa_xml_data-object), but as a simple variable ...

how do I do it now that he the content gv_struc 's sees it as a header and saves the data?

mfg olli and thx in advance

Contribution from ereglam (Top Expert / 1826/0/6) »
Hello dawns,

to do this, put GV_STRUC in brackets. However, you must then first generate a field symbol with ASSIGN, which then contains the 'pointer' to your field.

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May the force be with your code
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Contribution from dawns (ForumUser / 99/0/0) »
great, really great! ^^
joar the one with the field symbol and the assign, I tried that in vain for the whole time ...

I decided on your first variant, radio 1 A! thank you, also for the quick response, great
when you see it isses goose ... but first come to it

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