How can I hack Gmail using iPhone?

Caution: What the Apple Mail for iOS hack can do to your security

Security researchers have discovered an iPhone zero day hack. It concerns the supplied mail app in iOS. There will only be a security update with iOS 13.4.5, but this operating system version is still in beta.

The security gap was discovered by the startup ZecOps from San Francisco. Unfortunately, the security gap was apparently known to individual hackers before the researchers could turn to Apple, as the Motherboard website reports.

In the report by ZecOps, which the company published on its blog, it is mentioned that there were targeted attacks against VIPs, executives from various industries and smaller organizations. ZecOps reports that the hackers sent an email to their victims that triggered the vulnerability and allowed them to run code in the iPhone's default mail application.

Surprisingly, the emails that triggered the hack weren't found on the iPhones. This suggests that the hackers were even able to delete them.

What can users do to avoid hacker attacks?

Before iOS 13.4.5 was released, users should use another mail program such as Outlook, Airmail or Gmail on their iPhone and of course also on the iPad in order not to run the risk of being hacked. As far as we know, the mail app is not affected by macOS.

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