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This is how you let avocados ripen in a flash!

Your avocado is still completely green and hard, but you want to eat it right away? We have the best tips for you on how to let your avocado ripen quickly!

Avocados are super tasty, keep you full for a long time and are super healthy. The tropical fruit contains many healthy monounsaturated fats that your body can easily convert into energy! At the same time, they have a low fructose content.

In addition, they are bursting with vitamin E. This is particularly important for a healthy heart! It also contains many other nutrients that make the avocado a miracle fruit!

In the supermarket you can usually get the avocados unripe. This is a good thing, because the fully ripened fruits usually spoil very quickly.

Unfortunately, you can't eat the freshly bought avocados! So what should you do if you need the fruit for lunch right away?

We did some research for you and found out how you can eat the avocado immediately after buying it.

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When is an avocado ripe?

It takes about 10 days for the avocado to be ripe after harvest. But because we all don't know the time of harvest, you can look at the color of the peel for orientation.

Green avocados are usually unripe, black ones are ripe. When you look at the avocado, the color should be even and no dots should be seen.

If the stump comes off the avocado easily, then it is ripe, otherwise it will take a few days before you can eat it.

Here, too, you can look at the color: a brown stem indicates an overripe fruit, a light stem indicates an unripe fruit. The avocado is perfect when the stem is greenish.

You will love this avocado spread!

You can also try the pressure test. When the skin gives way and the flesh is soft to the touch, gently press into the avocado, and the avocado is ripe and ready to eat. If the shell remains pressed in, the meat is already mushy.

If it is mushy or black discoloration is already visible in the flesh, then the avocado is already overripe. You can cut away these areas generously, if mold is found, the avocado should be disposed of.

Basically, however, you should rely on your senses. However, the nutty, mild taste should not be obscured by rot or mold.

How to quickly ripen an avocado

So that you can eat your avocado as soon as you buy it and don't have to wait 10 days, we reveal the best tips to let an avocado ripen quickly.

Into the paper bag

Did you know that storing it in a paper bag can speed up the fruit's natural ripening process? The ripening of the avocado happens by expelling ethene.

So if you wrap the avocado in a paper bag or in newspaper, ethene will build up and the avocado will ripen faster.

It is best if you put the paper bag in a warm place, so that the ripening is intensified again.

It can also be good to put some flour or rice in the paper bag. This absorbs the moisture and prevents possible mold growth.

Store together with fruits

You probably know the tip of your mom or grandma that you should store apples separately from other types of fruit, otherwise the other fruits will spoil quickly.

Behind this advice lies the fact that apples or bananas emit ripening gases that contribute to the rapid ripening and thus also to the spoilage of lemons or berries.

You can use the ripening gas with unripe avocados. Put the hard avocado in a paper bag along with an apple.

Put the bag in a warm place and the next day you have a buttery smooth avocado that is perfect to eat.

Let the avocado ripen quickly in the oven

But you don't want to wait until tomorrow to eat your avocado? No problem, you can let the avocado ripen quickly by wrapping it in aluminum foil and placing it in the oven.

At 100 degrees you should take it out after 5 minutes and check whether it is already soft enough. When it's ready, you can let it cool down briefly in the refrigerator before you eat it.

Why does fast maturation in the oven work? If the avocado is baked in aluminum foil, the ripening gases are released faster and the avocado ripens faster.

However, this is not the ideal solution for the vitamins that are abundant in avocado.

But if you want it to be quick, this is a great way to get the unripe avocado ready to eat quickly.

However, you should also keep in mind that the taste of the fruit will decrease somewhat due to the rapid ripening. That is why ripe avocados from the oven are particularly suitable for dishes in which the avocado is still processed.

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The microwave trick

A ripe avocado in a minute? This is possible with the microwave trick! Simply put the avocado in the microwave for a few seconds.

Make sure that you only turn on the microwave on the lowest setting! Don't let the avocado out of your sight, otherwise you'll be busy cleaning instead of eating. ;)

You have the option of putting the whole avocado or the already cut avocado in the microwave to ripen. It works both! If you cut them open, however, you should remove the core before it is quickly ripened in the microwave.

The best way to remove the avocado core is actually very simple once you know it.

Correctly remove the avocado core

First, wash the avocado thoroughly. Then you cut the avocado all around with a sharp knife. If the avocado is already ripe, it will work very easily. But if the shell is a little harder, you just have to use more force.

Then you turn the avocado halves against each other and detach them from each other. The easiest way to do this is to spoon out the core with a spoon.

Or you can hit the core hard with a sharp knife so that the knife gets stuck and you can remove the core. But that's a little more dangerous. Either way, the avocado will be ready to eat!

Don't throw away the avocado core - this is how you plant it!

Our conclusion

Avocados are a regular part of our menu. With you, too? From now on, however, you no longer have to wait days before you can eat your avocado. Because now you know the best tricks on how to let an avocado ripen quickly.

Enjoy your avocado now! :)