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Here you will find beautiful sayings to think about by Matthias Pöhm


These contemplative sayings are different from the ones you can read anywhere else. Many come from M. Pöhm.
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There are no bad people, there are only people who have a different idea of ​​what is good.

The best time is always - now!

In you is the fairy who can fulfill your every wish.

Every defeat is the GUARANTEE for your advancement

Act bravely and youwillbrave




Find out something about yourself that knocks you out of your socks



Others never make you a king, you always make yourself a king.

EVERY concern is unfounded

If you are laughed at, you are on the right track

When you have two ways to go in life and you don't know whether to go the right or the left. Always go the path that you are most afraid of. This is the right one.

You have to seize the opportunities when they are there, not when you want them.

Don't ask in the morning what the day will bring you today, better ask what you will bring to the day today.

Out of the ordinary may not please everyone, but I still like MORE than trying to please everyone.



The only security there is is courage

We struggle in an ocean for a lifetime, only to eventually get solid ground under our feet. We would only have to trustingly let our feet sink down and find that all kicking was in vain - because there has always been solid ground between us.

If you want security in life, you don't want life

It is never the person who bothers, it is always only his current behavior

When you speak, always speak the truth, but ... don't always speak

We want to portray something to be loved and then we are loved ... for portrayal.

We don't laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh.

Enjoy the moment, we only have this one

Everything is a gift

The only precious time there is is - now!



Obstacles are something that you only see when you take your eyes off your fixed star.

Everyone has something that you can learn from

If you think you are enlightened, visit your parents

You have to love yourself for who you are and not for who you want to be.




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Imagine if all our thoughts were printed out on paper and anyone could read it - suddenly we would realize that hiding and lying is the basis of our identity.

Life is a game and everyone thinks it is real life.

Imagine what you're angry about had happened 10 seconds before you died. Would it still be important? If no, then it didn't matter now either.

You can't miss anything! Life is always where you are - and not where you want to be.

The only real freedom is freedom from thought.

Pleasant things aren't always true - True things aren't always pleasant


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"Nobody should be happy if I am not." That is the essence of jealousy. And we call it love.

Men want to learn to be good hunters. Women want to learn to stop the man from hunting and to make him believe that this training is his true nature.
(Do you want to learn to be a really good hunter. Here with a guarantee)

All we've been waiting for is NOW

We cannot change ourselves or the world if we lie to ourselves about "what is".

Nobody is in this world to fulfill any external tasks, every person is only there to find himself

You have expectations of your children - otherwise you wouldn't have any. All parents are disappointed in the end

The deep nature of man is love for everything. Marriage denies this nature. Marriage limits us to control our fear. How can this lead to a happy ending?

Compassion, helping and "fighting for a better world" is the refusal to want to look at the suffering in yourself and instead to fight the suffering on the outside.

Passion for something outside leads you away from you, because you are not in the moment as it is, but you expect a content, a result, a feeling from the moment. Passion creates suffering.




Book: "Nothing has to change"

The core problem people face is:We don't know who we really are!This also applies to you, yes exactly YOU.

Your so-called "identity", your "I" is a castle in the air, the only building blocks of which consist of hope, how you wish others should perceive you. Check it out, it's true.

This is the cause of all of your personal problems, but it is also the solution. For you as for the world ...

 Look at the book

Every problem in this world is fundamentally a spiritual problem. Every problem on the outside is just a reflection of an internal deficiency: You don't know who you really are

Not realizing that every thought, every feeling, every action in every human being is not carried out by himself, but by the universe, is the only problem that we human beings have.

Life is just a completely irrelevant soap opera whose only function is to provide a framework in which to wake up.

There is only the present moment. It's not a concept, it's REALLY like that. The past and the future is just a thought.

We can only overcome the sham life if we acknowledge that it is there.

There is only this moment. Right now is everything your soul has ever longed for. You have already arrived!

The fear of life is the fear of changing from the driver's seat to the front passenger seat.

Everything that you will recognize as unimportant in death is also unimportant now. You will die - guaranteed!

You don't have to make the world a better place, the only world you have to make a better place is your inner world.

You have only truly forgiven when you realize that there was never anything to forgive


spiritual sayings to think about, which make you think about your previous life



Thoughts simulate a non-existent reality. There is a lie behind every thought you have. A lie about you, a lie about others, a lie about life.

It doesn't take two people for peace, it only takes one: that is YOU

Imagine it would be a tradition to send the greeting card for winning the lottery only 2 years after winning the lottery. Suddenly, fantasy meets reality. What remains is truth.

Imagine it was a tradition to send the wedding greeting card only 5 years after the wedding. Suddenly, fantasy meets reality. What remains is truth.

Imagine it would be a tradition to send the newborn greeting card only 14 years after the birth. Suddenly, fantasy meets reality. What remains is truth.

Our life is like jumping off a cliff and free falling for 80 years. No conversation within this case, no action, no thought has any meaning in the end.

Everything your soul wants works - and your soul doesn't want anything else!

If you were the cause of your thoughts yourself, then you should be able to hold your thoughts still for any length of time ... Your thoughts are not coming from you.

If you had met them as a strange couple on vacation, would you exchange phone numbers with your parents and contact them regularly? If not, then you keep in contact with your parents only out of tradition and obligation - not out of love. Your children will do the same with you.

Enlightenment does not come any faster because you have found your dream job, your so-called "calling". On the contrary: the identification with the "vocation" lets you concentrate on the external action, it keeps you in the illusion longer.




Find out something about yourself that knocks you out of your socks


The search for the deepest happiness is the search for a horse. At some point we realize that we had been sitting on the horse we were looking for the whole time.

People get frustrated because things aren't the way they want them to be. They think they have toThingschange - but you just have to do thatWantto change. Things are just right as they are.

Wedding is the day when the fear of life is publicly packaged as "happiness".

More spiritual sayings to think about

Complete, unconditional self-love is only possible when you acknowledge that every thought, every feeling, every action does not come from you, but happens through you.

Free will is an illusion

Any identification with something physical or ideal prevents our deep happiness. This includes identification with higher goals such as "ending hunger", "saving the ozone layer", "creating a better world".

Every event in your life happens to you only so that you have the opportunity to see the insignificance of that event.

The problem is not your negative feelings, but wanting to get rid of your negative feelings

Anything you want to hide from others reinforces your facade, reinforces your unhappiness

We are characters in a video game. We, the characters, think that the aim of the game is to achieve things, to conquer countries, to raise families. But the goal of the game is to realize that we are characters in a video game

These "quotes for thought" shed light on the deepest questions in life


You have to take things personally until you still think you are a person

If children make you happy, then ask the truth machines, the children themselves. Imagine 1000 five-year-olds are in a hall and ask the question: "Which of you has really happy parents, hands up!" How many hands would you see

The deep happiness in life does not come from a fulfilling job. Even if you think you have found your "calling", you have not found your self-love with it

It happensalwaysthe right thing - you just don't always know

Success doesn't make you happy

Anyone who knows the end of their journey understands: there is only me

To wish "good luck" is a lie, because whatever happens is the greatest happiness in all of endlessness that can happen to you. That goes for every moment of your life.

As long as you still have hopes, you defend yourself against life as it is.

Trust in a person, trust in a certain outcome is not trust. There is only one true trust: the trust that whatever comes will be perfect

Behind the desire to have a child of your own is not the love for children, but the love for property



Everything you want to build up, everything you want to change, everything you plan that should remain of you is in vain. You will die, the earth will die and the universe will die. Nothing remains, everything was in vain


Families are carpet companies. You are constantly sweeping the existing dirt under the carpet and playing the perfect family on the outside. Because this does not dissolve the dirt, the adult children create a new family, with new carpets, where they hope to somehow get rid of their own hidden dirt through the environment with the innocence of toddlers

There is a perfect mosaic image at the bottom of a lake. The religions have lifted individual stones from it, put them far apart on a field and add them to a completely different mosaic than the original picture.

Whoever says to himself: "I love myself" recognizes himself as a separate individual. But true love cannot exist in separation

Behind every wish lies the desire that something should be different from what it is now. Wishes strengthen the fictional self, strengthen suffering. Only the desire for liberation destroys the ego, destroys suffering

The thought that something like injustice or unfairness has happened to you makes you unhappy. You can accept ANYTHING if you just want to.

If there are two different opinions, the content that is being argued about is always meaningless!

You have never been harmed - you have never been treated unfairly - you have never been betrayed or emotionally hurt ... It was always your ideas that got hurt

People cannot love themselves unconditionally just as they are, so they create children of their own because they hope to get unconditional love at least from the outside through the toddlers. But even this external ointment does not heal the internal wound.



Spiritual quotes about life


Anyone who wants to change their partner doesn't really love them. Everyone who demands loyalty wants to change his / her partner, because he doesn't love him as he really is, but only the phantom image that he / she is supposed to play for him / her.

Most people who describe themselves as spiritual think that with gradual changes and compromises, deep happiness can be achieved. Only those who illuminate ALL life issues (including positive feelings, recognition, children) and are ready to let go without security will experience the breakthrough in happiness.

We suppress our death, therefore we also suppress our life.

We think that through "love" from outside we can change something about our lack of self-love. That is why we create the appearance: success, friends, marriage, children. That should bring us recognition and love. But our lack of self-love cannot be generated by anything outside.

The new book "The Happiness Breakthrough" is about more than just sayings to think about. Most people already refer to an occasional joy as "happiness". There is something that is dimensions deeper. Only when you are ready to tell yourself the truth about your life will you be able to achieve the deepest possible, fear-free happiness. It is your birthright. Look at the book


Assume for a moment that life is not about creating anything, but rather about recognizing your unity with everything and thus the insignificance of everything. Life would suddenly be paradise. In death you find out that it is exactly like that.

Success, prosperity, fame are clearly identified as narcotic by many Awakened people. This is also taught at Muni Satsang. Children are almost not named by anyone. The collective lying to oneself about having children is sensational.

Imagine that you are sitting in a stationary train in the station. There is also a train to the left and right. Suddenly your train starts moving. The other two trains stay behind in the station. Your journey takes a long time. After a while you suddenly notice that only the other two trains have moved. The whole trip was conceited. You never moved ... this is your life.

First of all, we strengthen the fiction of the "I" in children, the idea of ​​a person who needs to be respected, praised and praised, but who they are not really at all. We miss telling you later that this conceited "me" is the cause of all unhappiness.



There is no such thing as "healthy" self-esteem. Self-worth, related to an ego, to a person, is the disease, not the cure

The deaths of Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Amy Whinehouse should not remind us to create something meaningful, but to recognize the insignificant of all creation.

You can immediately recognize the spiritual progress of the planet even without sensitive skills. If at some point the number of the world population remains stable, the turning point has been reached, if it decreases, world consciousness has changed overall. From then on we no longer seek our salvation in children, but in ourselves.

You don't need anything other than exactly what is now

The lip service that you should give everyone their "freedom" in a relationship is like the freedom of a bear in a cage. "Here are the limits of your cage, you can do whatever you want in it, now feel free."

There cannot be a "healthy relationship" because the person who is trying to relate to something does not really exist. There is nobody else, there is only one.

You are not in this world because of others, you are in the world ONLY because of you. Everything is about you

Remorse always arise when an inner need meets an outer convention. Following the inner need means following the truth, following the outer convention means denying yourself.

We are always all innocent

You don't have to go anywhere but where you are right now - you don't have to achieve anything but what you have right now - you don't have to become anyone but who you are right now. You have already arrived - NOW

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Having children means creating another being to suffer with us

It is better not to have a regular job, no friends, no children and the others think that is sad, but inside you are happy than, conversely, having a respectable job, friends, children and the others think you are happy and inside one is sad. The latter is the norm.

We orient our lives around creating circumstances so that OTHERS think we are happy. A respected job, wealth, having children does not make the inner sadness go away.



Follow your impulse, but don't expect any result

Thinking is thatproblem, not the solution

You don't have to convince anyone of anything. Life is perfect.

All stress is for nothing - always, without exception

Having children: You are not in this world to control your illusory egomultiply, you are in the world to your illusory ego tooto lose.

We cling to things that are not real. Humans are not real either!

The only true spirituality is to look at every millisecond, everything and everyone from the perspective of the Absolute. Because there is only that!


Do I want to know the truth about myself and my life plan?







You have to accept yourself AS you really are, then you ARE who you really are

The Church was not created by the Bible, but the Bible was created by the Church. "God's Word" is a human invention.

The world population will exceed the 10 billion mark in 2050. As long as we see our future in children, we are doomed to obliterate ourselves at some point

The saying "We all just want to be loved" leads to the false assumption that this is the task in life. In truth, this is the cause of all unhappiness. Because through all our activities in life we ​​try to "get love" when we just have to recognize that there is really no one who can get love. We are the absolute, without a person, without me - we are everything - we don't need anything. That IS love.

Your spiritual progress becomes recognizable when you can make it clear to yourself in every great disappointment, emotional wound, loss, anger etc. that the spirituality is also valid NOW. That means you realize: 1) It only happens because of you 2) It is perfectly perfect 3) It has no meaning.

Romantic relationships as we currently have them can be summarized as follows: Only being alone would be worse!

We are afraid while we are still thinking - We are thinking while we are still afraid. Every thought is an expression of fear.

Everything you do, plan, build is a cobblestone of a path that ends in death. It doesn't matter which cobblestone you set, the path ends at this place

There is no fame, no success, no loneliness, no failure. You think these things in existence. Without your thinking, none of this would exist



History, too, is just a story - a thought-form - in truth it has no reality

Everything that is born and dies again cannot be real

Everything that has a beginning and an end cannot be real. The world, life and thoughts have a beginning and an end.

Inner peace is the only goal worth fighting for.

We want to plug our inner holes with external measures, but it cannot succeed because we try to plug something with virtual measures that is also virtual. The hole is actually not there.

Consciousness does not exist because we have a brain, but the brain exists because we have a consciousness.

People think death is a loss - but it is not! We can't lose anything that we never owned

Men see success and a career as something important - women see partnership and family as something important. Both are, however, a meaningless distraction that leads us away from our real task of finding ourselves.

Goals, success, family, adventure, building something ... would only make sense if we were immortal. Life cannot have the meaning we imagine because thenwould bewe immortal. Death confronts us with a reality that is already true NOW.

If we say at the grave of a dead person what a special, extraordinary person he was, what great things he created, how popular, how important he was, how many people miss him, then that would mean that a homeless person who does not last has moved, for which no one weeps, if forgetting is buried somewhere, would be less important in its essence. That can not be. That is why the eulogies for the first one are a lie alive.



Experienced life is virtual, it doesn't really exist, and death ends this virtuality

We try to find a reality within the dream. The dream would only have to be exposed as unrealistic.

As long as there are still people you classify as assholes and idiots, you haven't made it.

Success, marriage, children, reputation do not really make you happy - letting go does

If there was no outside condemnation, if there was no jealousy, we would be able to love multiple partners without any problem. But because there is judgment and jealousy, we deny this ability, we deny this longing.

As long as we still think that something has to be changed, nothing changes

Your only job is to realize that everything is already perfect

We don't need any change. It is perfect as it is.

Imagine if the "idiots" in everyday life, the dishonorable ones in the newspaper, were just what you think they should be. Would you feel better deep inside NOW? No!

Feelings have no reality. You are untrue.



The whole world around you happens only because of you. It's always about you. It happens so that you can see: it does not matter and it is perfect as it is.

People mistake brief feelings of happiness for being happy. An orgasm creates a feeling of happiness. But your life is not happy just because you orgasm more often. The same goes for success, wealth, friends, marriage, and children.

The "someone" you think you are only exists because there are "others" in whose eyes you want to be someone. Without others' imaginary thoughts about you, you are nobody.

Society says that marriage and family are desirable, happy goals. Where is the child who tells everyone that the emperor has no clothes on? When do we stop pretending to be blind?

Imagine your life's work is to build a bridge over a river. At some point you wake up and you realize that it was all a dream. The river and the bridge never existed. You will have the same recognition for all of your present "life tasks" when you have died.

Have you ever noticed when you cry, whether from happiness or sadness, that there is nothing real behind it? They are just thoughts - a play with which you identify yourself - nothing real!

Society says, "Don't dream your life, live your dream," but when you do, you realize that it will still not make you happy.

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All our attempts at improvement must fail until we recognize the wrong assumption behind it: We want to change "someone" when in truth this "someone" does not even exist. Our "I" is an imagination

There is no goal behind your goals

Both our body and the 5 senses of the body (eyes, nose, touch, ear, taste) are imaginary. The objects experienced with the imagined 5 senses are of course also imagined. We don't exist - the world doesn't exist. It's a perfect illusion.



The engraved saying on the oracle of Delphi "Know thyself" is missing an important addition: "Know that you are nobody"

This whole discussion about "being loyal" is the debate of leg amputees who want to ban pedestrians in order not to have to see that they have no legs.

Our biggest fears always have to do with what others think of us. Because this is what our illusory identity is made of. E.g. people are not so afraid of being alone, their greater fear is that others will see them that way, andthinkthat they are lonely.

Our search for happiness is like a high jumper who constantly raises the bar in order to jump over it. He thinks: the higher the bar, the higher the "luck". But all goals, all successes let us end up on the same level of dissatisfaction again and again.

Our object-bound happiness is like a permanent magnet. People think that you can create a life situation that consists only of the stringing together of plus poles. But there is no plus without an associated minus. All object-related "moments of happiness" have a built-in minus pole that comes to light at some point. The solution lies in demagnetizing!

You say, "Don't care what others think of you," but the truth is, your whole identity is built on what others think of you.

Who you really are does not have "a little less" to do with what others think of you, but NOTHING. If you are honest with yourself, your whole identity is built on "How am I perceived by others" for your whole life. In truth you are nobody.

If always then if we just be someonewant our thoughts would be audible to everyone via loudspeaker, the whole ridiculousness of our so-called "person" would already be visible after ten minutes. The "I" would collapse within a very short time.

When you are in a good mood, you are never synchronized with yourself, because you do not know who this "yourself" is, you are only with yoursrole synchronized.



Find out something about yourself that knocks you out of your socks


The equation with the happiness of a child does not work out in the end, and nobody dares to admit it.

Our so-called "I" is the permanent attempt to pretend higher value in the eyes of the other and to disguise inferiority. And we keep this oscillating mirage for ourselves.

Science and technology is a distraction given to us from the universe so that we do not concern ourselves with what scares us colossally: with ourselves.

The search outside for the secrets of the world is only a distraction, it does not lead to permanent improvement and it is endless. The search within has an end point: the breakthrough in happiness and here lies the definitive healing.

The sometimes frustrated / sometimes satisfied look in the mirror every morning proves to you that you still consider yourself to be your body. No matter what spiritual wisdom you pay lip service to.

Your desire to be special, your addiction to "individuality" creates separation. You are nobody - therein lies the liberation.

God is where you feel worst!

True self-love and pride are incompatible - that is why you cannot love yourself

Those who have expectations are afraid. You have expectations of your children, otherwise you would not have any. We have children out of fear, not love

The "full life" that we imagine looking back at the end of life with satisfaction is an invention to justify our anxious life planning. There is only one fulfilled moment, the past is an imagination - it cannot bring fulfillment, neither now nor in death. At the end of life we ​​realize that everything that has ever been experienced before was meaningless.

Eckhart Tolle is a person of our day who lives in a breakthrough in happiness


"We are not here for ourselves, we are here for others" is just a saying. The opposite is true.

One doesn't have to be enlightened to give enlightened advice

The purpose of life is to see that life really has no meaning

The only real problem humanity has is thinking that anything should be different from what it is

As soon as you think something, it is a signal from the universe that the content of your thoughts does not correspond to any reality

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As long as people are still afraid, as long as people still talk badly to themselves, the "happiness" that they claim to have is not real happiness.

Heard with deathyounot stop, but the world stops. Your awareness remains. The material world dissolves and is recognized as an illusion.

When someone says, "I'm happy," ask them, "If a recorder was plugged into your brain and recorded all of your thoughts, what would I listen to?" ...
There is a fortune where you could play this recorder to everyone: it would be 90% silence.

Our whole identity consists in providing an image for others and holding that fictional image for ourselves. Your "I" is a mirage.



We smile at children because they don't get the world (mix things up). In truth, adults don't understand the world either! If you can start smiling at the adults as well as at children, you will have understood the world.

Nothing you do or plan to do has any impact on anything. Life is not designed by you.

If death is a reality and the experience continues afterwards, then the experience cannot be real here on earth

When the world seems complicated, remember: behind it, it's always simple

There are four reasons you shouldn't lend people money because you're funding a mental anesthetic. The hallmark is that people seek their happiness in a place where it isin the long run cannot be found, but it creates a brief emotional flash that eventually ends in suffering. They will become more miserable in the long run than they already are. 1) No money for prostitutes 2) No money for gambling 3) No money for drugs 4) No money for wedding reception

It is never "about everything", it is always about nothing!

The discoveries through research in the outside world are infinite, never cease and will never satisfy us once and for all. The discoveries through research inside have an end point - the happiness breakthrough, and there there is final peace

Every family is problematic
- no matter how much cream you try to smear the burnt cake

There is no such thing as a fulfilled life - least of all in death review - there is only one fulfilled moment.

Wanting to accumulate beneficial, beautiful, eventful or adventurous moments for a "fulfilled life" is like trying to collect water in a sieve.



Success and failure are two sides of the same coin called fear

Nature knows neither justice nor fairness. We make life hell for ourselves by trying to create justice.

We are constantly occupied with the thought: "What can I do so that others see me in a certain way?" and this mirage forms our identity.

You will die! Then your image in the mirror is gone forever ...

Our so-called "personality", our "I", is a castle in the air, the only building blocks of which are hope, how we want others to think of us.

Thinking that someone has wronged you makes you the most violent person. This violence is directed exclusively against you.

Anticipation is also a running away from the present moment. Life is always where you are and not where you imagine you are

You can only want to "be someone" because, in truth, you are nobody

The last day, the last hour, the last minute, the last second ... never happened. Time is an imagination. There is only now

Everything is wrong. Everything is correct. Always.



You are more than you could ever wish for.

Those we criticize do so, which is why we only criticize them because they want to be someone - just like us.

What is left of the alleged family cohesion is always seen when an inheritance is to be divided up

Every identity is a false identity. This applies to people as well as to nations

Except as an idea of ​​who you want to be in the eyes of others, you don't even exist.

As long as we think we are someone, we don't know who we are

What you are right now is the highest expression in the universe. Like it or not

nice sayings to think about

You ARE every event - you cannot do anything

There is no one who does something "bad", he just does something different from what you like.

There is no time, there are only thoughts of time



There is no "I", there are only thoughts of an "I"

The basis of your existence is to play someone who you are not in front of others

The core of the teaching of Jesus was already not understood by his contemporaries (apostles, evangelists, Paul) and their written down wrong knowledge became an integral part of the Bible centuries later.

There is no "I" thatthinkcan, there is only one thought in which an "I" occurs. A thought cannot think. Because this thought usually triggers feelings in us, we KEEP it to be our self.

A ray of light can be very painful for a person who wants to stay in the dark

If your proclaimed "happiness" is questioned by others and you defend it with emotions, then you are in truth not happy. You just want to give the other a picture of a "lucky one". It is a piece of the mosaic of your imagined identity, which consists only of how you hope to be perceived by others.

If you see the same innocence that you see in children in every person, then you have understood it ... then you no longer need your own children.

One cannot reform the belief in Santa Claus in such a way that a core teaching remains around which we then establish the "true Santa Claus belief". It's the same with religions!

If own children led parents to mature and grow, then that must have led to a mature society. I just have to look at my parents to see that this is not true.

People keep the feedback about themselves, for the person himself.



In principle, positive thinking is nothing else than negative thinking. It's just a label to stick to a neutral event, but no label is true. Neither positives nor negatives. Every label denies thatWhat is.

The quantum physicists tell us that there is no time. Time and space are linked to each other, so there is no space either. If there is no space, it must mean that there is no matter either.

If a house is on fire, put it out, but say goodbye to the idea that the house should be extinguished.

If you take appreciation and praise to be true, you will also take slander and insult to be true. You want to keep one thing and you wish the other one that you shouldn't mind. It doesn't work, because both have the same root: You believe you are what others say / think about you. You have no idea who you are beyond that.

Thoughts are a play - thoughts are not real

As long as you are still judging people, you are not yourself.

spiritual sayings for thought

If you label the Taliban, the consumers of children's porn or the torturers as abnormal, be aware that in truth all of this is also inside you. You were just lucky that such thoughts haven't popped up in you before. It's not your credit

Children are never the problem, it's themparentsof the children with all their expectations and projections that are the problem.

You can tell from your own parents that children do not contribute anything to enlightenment. Why do you think it would be different with you?



It is not true that any result is better than any other result

Time is not a reality, it is just a concept. Time only appears as a reality when I speak of it or when it comes into my mind. Otherwise there is no such thing as time

There is no difference between "thinking" and "believing" because we believe every thought. "Belief" does not exist as a reality - it is just a concept. "Belief" only appears as reality when I speak of it, otherwise there is no such thing as belief.

The last five minutes never existed - there is only the now

It's about nothing - that goes for every millisecond of your life.

If children were to lead to mature and to grow, then that would have led to a mature society. I just have to look at my parents to see that this is not true.

Everything that you attack / condemn on the outside is a placeholder for what you don't want to look at yourself.

Watch mothers adore their toddlers. With no possibility of control, they see their "happiness" in a narcotic. Every drug addict freaks out if someone tries to take his drug away. Society calls it love.

Only someone can want to be "someone" who is nobody. This also applies to you.

"Family" is a forced relationship. Forced relationships don't work.



Look around you: Your families and all the families around you are overflowing with conflict. And you actually think it would be different with your own children. When do we stop pretending to be blind?

There is only perception. Thoughts, feelings, things seen, heard, etc. But none of this really exists. Everything is dreamed of.

Objection: you have no children, you miss so much!
Answer: It's like a drug junkie trying to convince others: "Do drugs too, you miss so much." Every drug intoxication is followed by a rude awakening at some point.

How can you accept anything and everything if you still give meaning to something?

The spiritual magazines, like many enlightened ones, want to convince their followers that they can wake up and dream on at the same time.

Ask a dog if there is "masculine", ask him if there is "ethics", ask him if there is "Wednesday". Everything we have a word for doesn't really exist.

If you look closely, you will see that you are only a person if you think about it or talk about it. When you do an arithmetic problem or look at a rainbow, there is no person there.

You, dear reader, are exactly the same as the decadent rich Russian millionaires who openly flaunt their watches, cars, houses, beautiful women. They just want to be seen as someone by others. It's like you - just yoursstage is different.

If you feel reluctance to do something, then it is a signal from the universe that you shouldn't do it now. The universe wants to tell you that it isselftakes care of it.

You don't have to carry your life!


Imagine if your night dreams would always end with you dying in a dream and then waking up. ... That's how it will be if one day you die. There is no such thing as death.

The silence is always there. Itgives just the silence. The rest are conceited

If you think you can control life in any way, why are you still in trouble?

There is no one who has "made it" - because he, like everyone else, will die.

There is no way not to believe your thoughts. It is not as if we would NOT believe a thought, but we simply have a NEW thought (e.g. "The thought has no meaning "),that we immediately believe.

We humans think we know betterwhen the wind has to blow from which Richt he has to blow and with whichStrength he's got to blow ... for a better world.

Everything we have a word for doesn't really exist

Question: You have such a joy with my children. Don't you want some too?
Answer: Just because I like to go to the zoo to look at animals twice a year, I don't put a zebra in my garden.

The world does not exist in reality, it only exists in your consciousness. If you die, the world dies with you too.

It is never "too early" to die


What is the difference between a stock curve and the number of church members?
The share curve also goes up (church exits in Germany)

Your answer to the question "Who am I?" Always only corresponds to the answer to the question "Who do I think I am in the eyes of others"

Thoughts are just a disturbance frequency that is superimposed on the silence / peace. The truth is silence

Everything that happens between birth and death is completely unimportant

Everything that happens through you and around you is the silence (the source)

Give back responsibility to the silence

The silence is the truth - the rest is imagination

There's nothing to do - it's all there

You are a rainbow, your neighbor is a rainbow, your children are a rainbow, the world is a rainbow. Everything just appears with no actual reality

You could die - now! It would be perfect. Just now!

We cling to things that are not real. Humans are not real either




Everything is empty - thoughts, events, objects, words

It's all nothing (the last words of a dying man)

There are only two fears: 1) The fear of injury / death 2) The fear of what other people think / write / say about you. 95% of your fears can be traced back to the second fear.

You cannot define yourself without imagining how others see that definition in you. Without the public image you are nobody

Life is just a thought - thoughts have no reality

There is nothing really significant

No matter what happens, it is not critical to the outcome of your life

Everything you let go was an illusion, everything you hold on is an illusion

When someone dies we say, "I will never see them again." But the question is, "Has he ever been there?"

You are not responsible for your own happiness.
You are not responsible for anything. Life does everything. You are innocent - forever and ever.


See the perfection in everything. In people, in events, in your own thoughts

Everything is perfect NOW. Everything is there that I need for perfect bliss.

The following applies to everything you think: They are only thoughts - they have no reality

Everything I perceive, see everything, hear everything, feel everything, has no reality

In the last 10 seconds before you die, you are guaranteed not to think about what you changed in the world

One cloud meets another cloud and says: I will love you forever. 10 minutes later there is neither one nor the other cloud ...
That is the relationship with our "loved ones". We are all an illusory appearance that will eventually dissolve. There is no one who can be loved and there is no one who can love.

Since you read this you are 20 minutes closer to death

One thing is certain: when you die, you will pity the living

Do not be afraid - you will die

Your "personality" is a boat floating in the sea, carried by the thought "I want to be seen". When that thought no longer exists, the boat no longer exists.


Now look at your watch: Another hour closer to your death.

Every word we have is just a definition. Somebody just created the word. Justice, God, Stone, Asia ... We think this is all real, but there is no reality behind it. Without the word, none of this would exist.

Just who somethingbelieves without really knowingtries to convince others to win them over or to convert them. Anyone who knows something really deeply without a doubt does not want to convince others. YOU too want to convince others with your findings. That means you only believe, but you don't know anything.

The ego that we hold for ourselves is always only an ego that is perceived by others. It only arises when other people are involved, through whose eyes we see each other.

You are no more responsible for your life than you are responsible for the weather tomorrow

Your self-confidence only feeds on feedback from other people. A self-confidence only from yourself,cannot give it.

There is no injustice, no wrong, no wrongdoing by any person or group of people that would give you permission to feel provoked, upset, or angry. There is NO exception.

I do not believe in god. I believe in something much, much bigger

Hands off the wheel!
Who said it
The living!

If you say: the idiots are getting more and more every day, be aware that others count you among these idiots.


There is no self-love because there is no self except as a foreign sight. How can a rainbow love "itself" when it only maintains its existence through the observing eyes of other people?

No matter where you are at the moment: Let life decide

Each of your opinions is meaningless - let go of any opinion

Each of your traditions is meaningless - let go of each tradition

The number of nights you will sleep and wake up is a fixed number.

When you die, everything you have achieved, built up and experienced before is completely irrelevant. So it doesn't matter when you die.

Setting goals makes you un-peaceful, setting goals creates fear. Check it out, it's true.

The day on which the plug will be pulled has already been determined. You can relax

Your whole life is about that others should see something in you.

How can you ever forgive yourself when you think you are responsible?


The date and the primeval times have already been written: the date when you will die. Thomas Koch. April 14, 2046 at 1:45 p.m. Everything that worries you or makes you happy now isjust like thatmeaningless now, as on this date.

If you died now, nothing would be missed. If you died 10 years ago nothing would have been missed.

Look back from your death to the present moment and realize that it is completely irrelevant

Look back from your death to your goals now and see that they are completely irrelevant

Look back from your death to your current comparisons with other people and realize that they are completely irrelevant









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