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Unfortunately, you don't get what was said in the interview.
Work at Qualcomm was great. Good management. Great colleagues to work with. People are friendly and approachable. Open door policy. Flexible work hours. Good balance of work and life.
The Qualcomm Halo team is made up of highly motivated professionals. The work culture is positive as all employees are treated equally. The working day is flexible and includes the option to work from home. Qualcomm Halo management supports employees and provides timely information. This is a one-step team where all employees are important and working towards the same goal.
Good perks: bonus, warehouse, free coffee, drinks, fruit
Jobs are unsafe at the moment
I have worked at Qualcomm as Wireless Engineering intern for 6 months. Overall it was a great experience. I would definitely apply there for a full-time job after graduation.
The working environment is positive, flexible working hours, lots of development and growth opportunities, great compensation
The work life balance is not good, the company takes most of your time, the employee review / feedback system is not very efficient as it should be for a company of its size, the work pressure is just too much
American company with English as the business language, fixed-term employment contract, good products and solutions, very good know-how
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