What would happen if Hitler won World War II?

What if Hitler had won the war?

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It is 1947: Germany and Japan have won World War II and are dividing the United States among themselves. The Germans now control two thirds of the country including the east coast. Europe, Africa, the Near and Middle East as well as parts of Central and South America already belong to the Germanic Empire.

This dystopia comes from the TV series "The Man in the High Castle". The Amazon production may have sprung from Hollywood fantasies, but it is not so absurd when it comes to the actual perverse plans of the Nazi regime to conquer Adolf Hitler.

With grotesque self-confidence, Hitler believed in a quick victory over the Soviet Union and a subsequent submission of Great Britain. The goal was initially a Greater German Empire that dominated Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals. With the "Operation Tannenbaum", Switzerland would also have been conquered and divided into Germany, France and Italy according to its language areas.

For the east, the SS had developed the General Plan Ost (GPO), which would have led to a second, non-Jewish Holocaust. This is the conclusion reached by the publicist Ralph Giordano in his book "If Hitler Had Won the War". The GPO wanted the enslavement, displacement and extermination of 45 million Slavs. In fact, 27 million Soviet citizens were killed. 10 million Germans from the Reich should have settled in the conquered territories of the USSR.

Even the German population was supposed to be suppressed by the Nazis. From the Hitler Youth to the Nazi retirement home, the life of every German would have been conditioned and controlled. Public life would have been totally aligned. The Nazi regime also planned to abolish the churches. The blood myth of the NSDAP ideologist Alfred Rosenberg was supposed to replace Christianity as a new religion. Ultimately, the creation of a new leadership elite was planned: blonde, blue-eyed gentlemen, whom the SS should breed.

The subjugation of Europe was the first step in Hitler's plans on the way to world domination. The second step was to achieve rule over Africa with the assistance of the allied Italy. Ultimately, it should come to the final battle against the USA - with a victorious outcome for the Nazis, of course. The USA would also have been Germanized under the governor Joseph Goebbels. First Europe, then the world: fortunately, the final victory remained a fantasy of the F├╝hrer.

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