What is your dream right now

Bring on the good life: wake up and live your dream!

Live your dream. After all, the world is open to you because you have long been allowed to decide for yourself where and how you want to live. You are free to choose a career, you can change your place of residence, start any hobby in the world and you do not have to marry someone you do not want to marry.

It's a shame that we still often lead a life with the handbrake on. Get your head out of the sand and bring on the good life! That's how we have to think - every day. Because the saying "Don't dream your life, live your dream" is damn true. We only have one life and no one gets back the time that is once lost. Here are a couple of things you should do to get your dream off the ground:

Rule # 1: Don't Let Reason Rule Your Life ...

... but your dreams!

Rule # 2: Don't dream of your dream job ...

... but take it! There's nothing stopping you from at least trying your luck. Even if you are 30 and you think it is too late to become a dancer, all is not lost. Why not train to be a dance teacher and do what you dream of all day long - namely dance? If you haven't at least tried, you will regret it.

Rule # 3: Find the great love

Don't settle for relationships that aren't good for you and that you only have in order not to be alone. Fight for the great love, go out and look for him, your dream man, because after all he is looking for you too. Don't settle for less. You want a really great, stunning love - then you will find it too!

Rule No. 4: Believe in yourself!

If you don't believe in yourself, who else? You should believe in your strengths and abilities. You do not have? Then ask the people who are very fond of you. They will surely come up with a few things.

Rule # 5: Life is not a to-do list

As a teenager and twentieth year, you always thought about what you want and what you want to do. As you get older, you just think about what to do. Stop! When exactly did that happen? When exactly did "I want" become "I have to"? To change! Live your dream - and not your to-do list!

Rule No. 6: Be brave!

If you lead a life with a safety line and a double floor, you will never really do what you would most like to do. But always only what he dares. And that is significantly less. Be brave! Do not always think about what is more sensible and what could happen, but rather dare to fall flat on your face from time to time. "Get up, adjust the crown, move on" - with this attitude you will come much closer to your plan "Live your dream".

Rule # 7: Live Now

Don't break your life down into sections that you plan on until you retire. Not because of: First graduation, then training, then the job, a child, a house and then maybe at some point there will still be a little space for the big dreams, so shortly before you're 80? No, there is always room for dreams. Even during the Abitur, during your apprenticeship and especially when you start a family.

Rule No. 8: Straighten the Crown

You think: "All well and good, but my relationship just broke up, the dream man gone and with it the dream of a baby?" Then don't bury your head in the sand. Right now is the moment for changes, and those that you didn't dare to do before. What do you like in your life What can stay? What doesn’t fit in anymore? Take stock and take the chance to do things from scratch.

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