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Working with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks is part of everyday work for social media managers. You are responsible for the communication and presentation of companies on the Internet and contribute an important part to building a certain image of companies. But what do social media managers earn? We have created an overview.

Salary social media manager

Social media manager salary when starting his career

Social media managers are a relatively new professional group, so the starting salaries are difficult to name specifically. When it comes to the level of the starting salary, one thing matters most: whether you start in a company or an agency. Agencies usually pay less than companies, but the range of the job may be more diverse, since you usually take care of several customers (= companies). In addition to the job opportunities in the desired city, personal preferences are also important here.

We have compiled the following information on the salary as a social media manager at the start of a career or with less than two years of professional experience as a guide:

Salary samples

personal descriptionCompany detailsSalary (gross)
Female, 30 years, 1 year of professional experience, degree from a universitysmall company (6-20 employees) in Bavaria2,800 euros / month
Male, 26 years old, 2 years of professional experience, university degreeMedium-sized company (21-100 employees) in Bremen3,000 euros / month
Male, 27 years of age, 2 years of professional experience, degree from a university of applied sciencesPR & social media consultant in a small company (6-20 employees)2,933 euros / month
Female, 27 years old, 1 year of work experience, degree from universityProject manager for social media in a large company (more than 20,000 employees)3,400 euros / month

First become a social media manager before thinking about your salary? Here are training and study paths for you:

Earnings development for social media managers with extensive work experience

With increasing professional experience, the responsibilities usually increase and the earnings as a social media manager increase accordingly. However, the information on salaries varies greatly. That is just because of the individual personal development. Do I want to pursue a career and do an above-average amount of work or do I place more value on work-life balance? Do I work in an agency or a company? All of these are influencing factors. However, you can see from the adjacent graphic that the average income with increasing professional experience is in the range between 3,500 and 5,000 euros.

Tip: In principle, you can embark on a career as a social media manager with almost any media degree. For example with Media management, Media studies or Media communication - It is also very important that you do appropriate internships during your studies, work in the (online) marketing department of a company or at an advertising agency that also does social marketing. You can find out what options you have on our overview of the Media courses.

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