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Would you like to study event management, but you are not exactly sure which perspectives will be open to you after your studies? And what exactly do event managers actually earn? You are right with us! We explain to you what to expect in the professional world, what the salary looks like and what jobs there are in the event industry!

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Dream job or everyday life? What do the tasks of an event manager look like? What requirements should an event manager have in order to do his job well?

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Your studies are finished and you want to start the professional world? Are you looking for the right job? In our job exchange you will find current vacancies in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčevent management!

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What do event managers earn? What is the starting salary after graduation and what opportunities are there for advancement? Here you can find all information about salaries in the event industry!

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Professions in event management

Event managers, project managers, concert organizers, city marketing - there are many professions in event management. We'll show you what opportunities there are for your career and how you can take the first step.

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We spoke to event managers, project managers, event coordinators and marketing experts. They tell us about their work experience and give you tips for your career.

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Internship in the event industry

Have you decided to study event management, but want to gain practical experience before starting your career? With us you can find out everything about an internship in the event industry!

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Career prospects for event management graduates

Before you decide to study event management, you should be clear in advance about your career aspirations and the possible prospects. Because there are numerous different event management courses that open up different fields of work for you right from the start. For example, if you decide to study tourism, hotel and event management, you will specialize in the tourism industry and the hotel industry at an early stage. With a degree in business administration with a focus on event management, you as a graduate have a wide range of opportunities in the private sector.

Therefore, with your chosen course of study, you are already making an initial decision in the direction of career prospects!

Degree programs in event management

Which courses in event management do you have to choose from? You can find all information here!

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Anyone who would like to take a direct look at the courses on offer at the universities can open our database here and view the courses sorted by Bachelor and Master:

  • Degree programs in the field of event management

But don't worry: even after your studies - no matter which specific course you have ultimately decided on - numerous professional fields are available to you. Event management graduates are sought-after experts in the event industry and shine on the job market with their theoretical knowledge and practical experience gained during their studies. Event management is an extensive sector that includes many professional niches and thus offers event management graduates a wide range of opportunities.

So that you can get a better overview of which jobs are open to you after your studies, we have summarized the possible areas of activity for you:

  • Event manager
  • Exhibition and congress service provider
  • Organizer of sports events
  • Cultural and concert organizer
  • Employees in company event departments
  • National and international major event organizer
  • Event manager in regional marketing
  • Event manager in public institutions, for example in city marketing

In addition, we have listed the individual tasks of event planning for you. Of course, the list is not set in stone and may vary depending on the event:

  • Decision on the form of the event
  • Content planning and target group analysis
  • Advertising, marketing
  • Project planning (time planning)
  • Definition of the invitation form and the invitation procedure
  • Personnel planning (distribution of tasks, personnel to be hired)
  • Calculation of the budget and subsequent billing
  • Care of the guests (e.g. hotel booking for special guests)
  • Organization of catering
  • Search for partners and sponsors (if desired or necessary)
  • Event technology

Event management experts work here

You not only have the choice between different professions, but also between different employers. So there is Agencies, for which you can or also work public facilities, like the city administration, which depends on the support of event managers. In addition, many employ Companies Event managers within their marketing departments who, in addition to internal company events, also take care of event marketing.

The difference between an agency and other employers is quickly clear. While agencies enjoy a bad reputation in terms of working hours and salaries, they are particularly characterized by the fact that employees can quickly take on responsibility and thus oversee their own projects at an early stage. In an agency, you will gain a lot of experience in a short period of time. Another special criterion of the agency is that you are responsible for different and changing customers there. In contrast to this, at other employers, for example in public administration or at a company, you are only responsible for your own company. While projects (events, etc.) are of course always changing and areas of responsibility change, you are still only working in the service of this one employer. In return, you usually have more regular working hours and often a better income.

In general, the areas of application of event managers can still be divided into two areas:

The business area:

With events, companies want to strengthen their image and anchor themselves emotionally in the consumer's mind. The event manager must therefore create experiences for companies that the visitor remembers with enthusiasm. Another area is events for a company's own employees in order to strengthen the bond with the company and to motivate colleagues.

The private area:

Private, but still a professional task for the event manager: wedding planning. This very typical example of the use of event management graduates in the private sphere of people is also one of the most difficult tasks: Here event managers create the most beautiful days in many people's lives - professionalism and specialist knowledge are essential. Event managers are also in demand for major anniversaries, such as the big birthday in large circles. Regardless of which area you choose after completing your event management degree, the many fields of application offer a very broad spectrum of interesting tasks and challenges.

In conclusion, it can therefore be said that every employer - whether agency or company, private or business sector - has its advantages and disadvantages. The competition in the event industry is fierce. With an academic degree, you have already cleared the first important hurdle when looking for a job. In which direction you are ultimately driven, you can only decide yourself based on your studies, your interests and your own job criteria. In our job exchange you will find vacancies in event management - or below if you are in a hurry.