Is Eminem overrated

In an interview, 50 Cent shows his mentor respect.

Everything on Eminem!
50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson, announced in an interview with "Music Coice" that he owes his success to his friend and mentor Eminem. He would even be willing to wager whatever he has on him.

It can't be a lot of betting, though, because the "Get Rich or Die Tryin '" star also admits that apart from the albums he has sold, he didn't win that many awards. After all, "Crack a Bottle" got him a Grammy.

Is Eminem Overrated?
The change rapper went even further, claiming that his idol even surpasses Jay Z because Slim Shady has sold over 60 million records more than Z. Sure, statistically he's also the best-selling hip-hop artist of all time. 150 million LPs sold worldwide and 42 times platinum are remarkable.

Jay Z should not consider this to be an indication of quality, however. Apparently, he would think the 43-year-old would be the most overrated rapper. Ahhh ... in the end the question always remains: Who cares who actually said what about whom? Just making music and listening to music is much nicer ...