What is the best online brokerage platform

Online Trading Program Test 2021 • The 8 best online trading programs in comparison

What is an online trading program?

At a Online trading program it is a special portal on the Internet that you can use to carry out brokerage transactions conveniently from your smartphone. Online you have the option of choosing the best between numerous such portals. This is with Help the current test reports based on the one you prefer Trading business very easily possible. Whether it is about binary options or trading in crypto currencies, or whether you are interested in CFD, Forex or social trading are interested - each Online trading program has a lot to offer in terms of the individual offers and trading opportunities. The only important thing is that you choose the right one portal decide. Many are cheap, but the test shows that this is often the case with portals of this type "Black sheep" gives.

How does an online trading program work?

No matter if you are more experienced Trader or inexperienced Users - each Trading platform should be customized and in their Functionalitybe clearly and comprehensibly conceptualized. Certainly, the individual needs of traders are sometimes completely different. The functionality of such a Online trading platform more extensive and complex, the more knowledge the respective user acquires. In addition, the individual functions always differ with regard to the preferred type of action. In addition, the functional nature depends on which securities are involved. This is how an online trading platform works, where you can trade with CFDs is in focus, usually different than Online trading platforms, where you want to trade binary options. In either case, make sure to check out the latest before making a decision on a specific platform Test reports lead to mind.

In this way, you can find out which online trading platform is the best for your purposes - and which variant is more suitable for you Beginner or which is suitable for advanced and professionals.

When and for whom are online trading programs important?

Trading is usually the general one trade in markets or in wholesale market halls. But also buying and selling Securities takes a high priority in this regard. Trading in securities on the stock exchange is mostly reserved for experienced brokers. The structure of the Stock exchange is opaque and opaque for many - but nevertheless, or precisely because of it, can be done with the trade make a lot of money on the stock market. A lot of money. All of this has not gone unnoticed even by less experienced dealers. And they have recognized that good money can also be generated on the stock market, literally from the kitchen table. Provided however, the appropriate technologies are available. And in the form of online Trading portals. With their help, it can actually be easy, even for non-brokers Household budget not only to improve but to achieve attractive income through price gains.

Online trading portals - modern trading

The Chance, Earning money on the stock market while trading is behind view the test experts an extremely tempting business for more and more users. However, because only very few are fully familiar with the customs and conditions on the stock exchange, the collaboration a must with “real” brokers. This is where the online trading portals come into play. The principle of online Trading portals is very simple: Who with Securities wants to act, uses money in order to get the shares of the respective Company to be able to acquire. If the value of the shares increases, the holders of these shares have the option of selling them and making a profit in the process.

With Help one Online trading portals all this happens in a clearly structured and usually very easy to understand way.

What types of online trading programs and offers are there?

The Possibilities, Trading on the stock exchanges is very different. While one prefers to trade binary options or crypto currencies, the other is primarily interested in trading classic securities. Also CFDs, Forex and Co. are attractive areas in the wide world of online trading that are of great importance to many users. And the types of individual trading portals on the Internet also differ accordingly. For example, you can use innovative Platforms find each referring to individual Trade types have specialized. Or you can opt for portals where you can choose between different variants in this regard. It also exists for those interested Online retailer the option to use platforms for beginners, advanced users and real professionals. The Choices They are therefore very promising and are very attractive in view of the current test. Last but not least, it is possible to be part of portals that adapt to the individual demands and needs of traders: the longer someone is in the Online trading business is active, the more knowledge he usually acquires.

Accordingly, it is helpful to be able to act and act on a platform that is specific to the specific User needs and objectives.

What services can online trading programs include, and which ones are particularly important?

A good Trading platform you can tell by the fact that they clear and is clearly structured. In addition, discerning traders attach great importance to the fact that the implemented applications are available for use on the desktop as well as mobile. That the relevant Market information are always updated and made available to the user of the platform at any time should also be a matter of course. This also includes the supply of the users with the so-called Real-time rates.

The demands on the new trading platforms are increasing

It is also important that the fees and spreads are designed to be as attractive and user-friendly as possible. Also the Security features should be simple and efficient at the same time. Last but not least, modern trading platforms are characterized by an intuitive and simple one Usability as well as efficient handling. It should also be possible to act from the chart. Basically, the user requirements for these platforms increase the more well-founded the individual Knowledge and Wealth of experience is. Therefore, you would do well to check the new test reports before deciding on such a portal in order to find out which platform is best in comparison to yours Objectives fits.

Which services do not usually include various online trading programs?

The test has shown that the demands of online traders on the individual platforms in the run have increased dramatically over the past few years. The developer of the portals have already been adapted to a large extent. It is therefore basically only a matter of time before you have found the right portal for you. In order to save even more time, you should use the current Review study, because in the course of this you will learn which additional options and possibilities the individual platforms offer. The creativity of "Doer" seems in that context no limit set. New ones keep coming Functions and features that interested users can make use of. A function that, in all probability, will not be implemented in the coming years is The following:

In the long term, no user will have the opportunity to find out in advance which commercial product - regardless of which one Art - the Price gains will actually be highest.

The cost of an online trading program

The Registered mail and Act There are many in the online markets Trade portals pay dearly. Then again there are platforms where you can even be part of the game with so-called play money. These are common with more and more portals ArtPlay money or Test missions in the amount of 10 to 1,000 euros. However, a comparison has also shown that there are portals in which you can trade with a play money stake of 100,000 euros. The aim of the play money stake is to attract the new users to the Realities to get used to the platform and to make them more familiar with the trading itself. A very special kind of Customer loyalty, find the experienced Test experts. Because if 100,000 euros in play money is made available on a certain platform that can be used for trading, this is usually far from real trading - and therefore has nothing to do with reality.

Anyone who is serious about the Subject of trading has numerous attractive options on the Internet.

The cost of trading

Renowned portals often offer their users the option of a free of charge Demo account For Securities, set up binary options and Co. That makes sense, because by dealing with the as yet unknown genre, first concerns and possible scruples can be reduced more easily. Some providers even go so far that they do not consider a registration or a deposit necessary. Opening a real account is often possible for as little as 10 euros. About that In addition, the user only pays one for individual trades Euro. However, these conditions differ depending on the provider.

This is how online trading programs are compared

Design and construction

At a Online trading portal it depends primarily on the structure and the visual appearance nature at. Because from the point of view of the test experts, it is important that even inexperienced user Find your way around the platform right from the start. Therefore, the test experts always look very carefully in their comparison to uncover any deficiencies.

Simplicity and structure

The structural construction should be designed as efficiently and easily as possible. That makes it that Users easier to understand the individual features and thus to be able to use them efficiently.

The clearer and clearer an online trading portal is in comparison, the easier it will be for it Users be the full potential to exploit.


Basically it is with an online Trading portal It is irrelevant that as many functions as possible are available. Surely, according to the current test, the expectations of traders with regard to functionality increase the more intensively they use the theme be trusted overall. Then you should definitely choose a portal that meets your increased demands. Or you can choose one Platform, who are at will in their Functionality can be expanded. The current test shows which portals are very flexible in this regard and have a lot to offer.


At first Look some appear Online trading portals very complex and confusing. This is not unusual for platforms that are primarily designed for professional traders. Anyone who is already familiar with the subject will find it easy to find their way there and use the possibilities of trading in a targeted manner. Conversely, this does not mean that Professional portals not also through first-class handling and as user-friendly as possible Usability should convince.


According to the current one test keep the cost of modern Trading platforms in comparison within limits. According to the test specialists, however, increased attention is required if the option is given with extremely high levels Play money amounts to be able to act. Even large amounts of real money do not always look serious at first glance.

That's why they look Test experts also with a view to this aspect in their test very carefully.

Reputation of the provider

To view Of the experienced test experts you need to choose a reputable and success-oriented one Trading portals do not focus exclusively on well-known providers. Certainly the number of Platforms has risen dramatically in recent times, and it's worth looking closely. On the other hand, the test professionals have found that there is always more Online trading portals that are still relatively new to the market and in many ways because of their qualities score. so they usually do not have to shy away from a comparison with well-known competitors.


The comparison shows that the expectation and the standby the user to invest more and to deal more intensively with the topic increases, the greater the successes they achieve. Anyone who initially opted for a simply structured trading portal because the wide world of stock market transactions initially seemed too opaque, will usually quickly need the Functionality to be able to adapt the platform to the increased demands.

This one aspect the testers also took into account in their test. Therefore, in the test report, you will also find out everything about the related adaptability of the trading portals tested.

When does the purchase / conclusion of a subscription / membership pay off?

It is a Fallacy, Which especially many inexperienced traders sit up with: you are the one View, that usually the first money flows into your own account when you first invest in a stock exchange transaction. Such an attitude is extremely dangerous and can, according to the Test experts even lead to careless or hasty actions: Some people sometimes invest more than the individual budget allows. It would certainly be desirable if the first trade "Utopian" Made price gains. The reality is different.

Therefore you should start looking for the big one with a good feel for the essentials - or at least in direct cooperation with an experienced broker of the platform you have booked Money" walk. The fact is that you can make good money on the stock market. However, if you have the dream of getting rich overnight, you would be well advised to focus on another profession.

Because based on the findings of the Test experts go high financial with such a mindset Risks for the inexperienced trader.

What do I have to pay attention to when completing / becoming a member / purchasing?

Pay attention first line on the recommendations of the experienced test experts. In this way, you can be on the safe side right from the start and find out everything you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of certain trading portals. After the first inspection, choose the Test reports select the trading platform that most closely matches your level of knowledge with regard to online stock exchange transactions. Beginners are therefore well advised with simply structured portals, while advanced users and professionals are better off on the more complex sites. Anyone looking for a promising alternative has it Possibility, To opt for a portal that is more simply designed in comparison with the option of being able to book additional modules in the future. However, here it is important to Apron to pay attention to the price structure.

Presentation of the leading 7 providers / software / clubs / platforms

  • XTB
  • IQ option
  • eToro
  • Strategy Wizard
  • Trading station
  • CFX broker
  • Flatex
XTB is certainly one of the most famous trading portals when it comes to CFDs. With this broker, it is possible to use multiple platforms, and a mobile application is even made available. One of the most notable features in this regard is MetaTrader4. The numerous trading options as well as the helpful indicators and tools make trading literally child's play, even for the inexperienced user. Regardless of whether for the desktop or for use on the smartphone - XTB is ready for use practically anytime and anywhere. You can even put together the MetaTrader 4 from XTB according to your needs.The test has shown that the inexperienced user might initially have difficulties with handling. But with a little practice, even the novice will quickly recognize the advantages of this product. Last but not least, advanced users and professionals appreciate the fact that the software does not have to be downloaded first, but trading is easy and convenient directly in the browser.
Anyone who is interested in binary options and would like to make good money with it is with IQ option well advised. Compared to other types of securities, binary options are structured completely differently. Accordingly, the corresponding trading platforms are also characterized by their specific conception. So does IQ Option. Even beginners will appreciate the simple and intuitively designed platform. If the prices rise or fall, it is possible to complete the entire trade via IQ Option. Another advantage of this portal is that several underlyings can be observed at the same time and, if necessary, traded accordingly. You can use the IQ Option platform on your desktop as well as on the tablet. The IQ Option app for Android and iPhone is a very promising and at the same time extremely handy tool that in no way has to shy away from comparison with competitive products.
At eToro it is a so-called social trading platform, with the help of which it is possible to imitate expert trades at a ratio of 1: 1. In the opinion of numerous users, this is a very tempting basis to get the “big money”. But anyone who now believes that it is possible to generate attractive price gains simply by copying numbers and values ​​is wrong. Because the online trading platform eToro - like all other portals too - has to adhere to special legislation, which is extremely stringent in itself. Compared to the visual structure of the page in the beginning, the eToro website has developed significantly and adapted to the ever increasing requirements of the users. It is possible to use eToro on your home computer or to do this on the go. The eToro app does an excellent job in this regard and scores with its solid handling. It is also worth mentioning the practical chart analysis function, which can be a decisive aid when trading, as the test turned out.
Strategy Wizard According to the test result, it is primarily attractive for experienced traders. Because Strategy Wizard has been specially designed for users who strive to develop their individual automated trading strategies, but who do not have particularly well-founded specialist knowledge with regard to software-specific areas. With the help of the Strategy Wizard portal, it is up to you in almost all matters to determine for yourself which conditions should be met and which functions are also required. The Condition Builder therefore plays a central role in the Strategy Wizard. Basically, this special portal guarantees a high degree of individuality. With the help of the features available with Strategy Wizard, it is even easily possible to integrate alarms in the form of signal tones or by sending an email. Last but not least, the Strategy Wizard makes it easy to check previously implemented strategies for their efficiency. The fact is that Strategy Wizard can hardly be compared with other online trading programs - and that is perhaps precisely why it is so popular.
The online portal Trading station has been on the market for over 10 years. It is an extremely complex trading platform, which has already received numerous awards in the past. You can use Trading Station on the desktop as well as via the web or mobile. In the opinion of the test experts, the functions, some of which are unique, are extremely solid and efficient. The user has the opportunity to get access to a variety of exquisite tools, such as the Good Till Date feature. This is relevant insofar as you can set the validity of a placed order to a point in time to be specified individually. The trading station demo version is available free of charge. If you like, you can make use of the test money in the amount of 50,000 euros. In this way, even inexperienced users should be able to quickly and directly familiarize themselves with the wide world of trading.
With the CFX Brokers can trade with any type of security, such as forex, futures, stocks, CFDs, etc. Beginners, advanced and experienced traders have long appreciated CFX brokers. Because this online trading platform is a very stable variant that also offers a lot of flexibility. CFX Broker GmbH guarantees its customers first-class German-speaking support after registering for a demo account. Especially inexperienced users feel at home on the online trading platform right from the start thanks to the precise step-by-step instructions, free telephone training, etc. Even videos are offered on the CFX broker platform, and every beginner has the best support that can be obtained in this field according to the test experts using the demo account. CFX Broker creates trust - and that is exactly what is of central importance in online trading.
Flatex is, according to its own statements, the cheap online broker that also offers a very good service. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for interested traders on Flatex to invest profitably and benefit sustainably. Regardless of whether you want to acquire shares in cooperation with an experienced online broker or whether you want to buy other types of securities - Flatex is flexible, inexpensive and is available on the go with friendly and competent service. In view of the numerous advantages that Flatex has to offer its users, the online trading portal has long been one of the top broker portals in all of Germany. You can benefit from attractively priced flat fee conditions, and the real-time rates are displayed free of charge on online trading. In addition, the trading tools are intuitive to use and you do not have to pay any account or custody fees for any of these services.

Online or offline: where is the best place to take out my subscription / membership / purchase online trading program?

It's lagging behind view the test specialists in the nature the fact that you have registered with one of the in question Conclude upcoming online trading portals directly over the Internet. Certainly there is Option, that you can download appropriate software from some providers so that you can use requirement be able to trade via the browser and observe the market. The purchase of a special software is with Online trading however hardly recommendable.

Rather, you benefit with the Online registration of numerous advantages. Looking to the current Review online trading can thus become a promising business.

Interesting facts and advice

The History of Online Trading Programs

The German Börse AG was founded in 1992 in Frankfurt am Main. The stock market itself is much longer History. So we know today that already in 15th century with shares, Futures contracts as well as bonds were traded. Since then, activities on the stock exchange have continued to develop. Also, the opportunities for investors to make money are about that Centuries become more and more complex. Certainly, trading on the stock exchange has become an im comparison very complex matter. A few years after the Emergence the internet has even made it possible to conduct stock market transactions online.

Since then enjoy Online trading portals a steadily growing popularity.

Numbers, data, facts about online trading programs

The more than 500 year old The history of the stock market is tough. Where you once traded with simple stocks and with a lot of skill and a little luck for $ 1 10 dollars could do, it's completely different today. As the current test shows, the conditions are completely different today compared to previous years. This is how online trading platforms offer the Possibility, with a stake of just once 1Euro or dollar exchange rate gains of up to 30 percent. Depending on the security, much higher price gains are possible. And so it is not surprising that the proportion of of those who want to get involved in the online exchange, from 2 percent to believe it or not within just 5 years 39 percent has increased. Tendency: still increasing.

The online trading program - close correctly in 2 steps

After this For yours view after best Online trading portal have decided, first create your contact details. Alternatively, there is the option of generating a user name and experimenting with the play money made available by most portals. Do Familiarize yourself with online trading and start slowly. According to the current test, this is the best method to deal with sooner or later Online trading to become successful.

After Trial phase you can create your own user account. Enter your personal data and select the security variant you prefer.

numbers you money and contact your trusted broker if necessary. Let us advise you and then invest your desired capital in the one you prefer Asset.

4. 7 tips for long-term enjoyment of the online trading program

Tip 1 Get to work well-informed

Tip 1 Get to work well-informed

Before you start trading with the online trading portal of your choice, you should inform yourself in detail about its content and functions. If you have any questions or technical problems, do not hesitate to contact the online support directly.

Tip 2 Let the experts advise you

Tip 2 Let the experts advise you

According to the current test, anyone who is on the move when it comes to online trading is usually characterized by a certain willingness to take risks. In comparison, this is a thoroughly positive quality. However, do not forget to listen to the experienced broker before making a final decision. Because expert knowledge is still the best way to protect yourself against financial loss.

Tip 3 Don't speculate at random

Tip 3 Don't speculate at random

The comparison makes it clear that especially the most experienced traders show the willingness to speculate from time to time. In comparison, however, this phenomenon is just as common among beginners. This approach can lead to severe losses.

Tip 4 Be aware of the risks involved in trading online

Tip 4 Be aware of the risks involved in trading online

Online trading is, in fact, not a way to get rich quick. Better to be on the safe side in comparison and stick to the instructions that you can find on well-known online trading portals.

Tip 5 Start with simple functions

Tip 5 Start with simple functions

If you are just starting out with online trading, start by trying out the comparatively smaller features first. The more you use the portal, the sooner you will be able to familiarize yourself with the other features.