What is the Australian GPA

Grading system in Australia

100-85 or 100-80High distinctionVery good
84-75 and 79-70, respectivelyDistinctionWell
74-65 or 69-60CreditSatisfying
64-50 or 59-50passportSufficient
less than 49FailFailed

Credit Points and Grade Point Average

For every course they take, students at Australian universities receive credit points. How many credit points there for a course and how many credit points Students in Australia must collect a total of by default in one semester, is from university to university as well different like the staff. At one university you receive 1 point for a course and 20 points at the other.

The system is therefore inconsistent, unlike in Europe, where normally 30 ECTS points have to be acquired per semester. These are distributed over various courses.

The Australian credit points can therefore hardly be converted into ECTS. The conversion of the study achievements achieved in Australia into the European point system is rather based on the number of courses completed: full-time students in Australia usually take four courses. Full-time students in Europe complete courses for a total of 30 ECTS points per semester. This means that a course at a university in Australia is worth 7.5 ECTS points.

The Overall academic achievement is used in Australia with the so-called Grade Point Average (GPA) measured based on the grades and the credit points is calculated.

Research Degrees can what the award of credit points and the calculation of a GPA concerns exceptional cases. Anyone studying for a Masters in Australia as Master by Research would like to complete or do a doctorate, you should therefore find out in advance how the university of your choice is doing credit points and the GPA handles such cases.