How many boys have tried to wear panties

Guys, do you really want us to wear nothing underneath?

Oh yes, Basic Instinct. How excited we guys were when we saw him on TV for the first time when we were 12! The scene you described was particularly interesting, and I spent some time using the pause button on the video recorder to hit the right milliseconds as accurately as possible, in which I had to find out whether one could see something or not. You couldn't really see anything. But that didn't matter. We still thought the whole interrogation scene was pretty great.

Because this whole nothing-underneath topic is actually not really about being undressed per se. The lack of underpants seldom gives us enormously exciting insights into your crotch. If you're wearing pants, anyway, and if you're wearing a skirt or a dress, it's still somehow too dark for us to really see much now.

Whether underpants or not makes practically no difference even if we have sex with you. In this phase, we don't really care whether we have to take off your slip or not, because we're already completely delighted with everything that's happening and we are happy to take over this last act of undressing.

The nothing under the skirt is fascinating to us for another reason: Because of the things we associate with it, which our strange sexual subconscious at least whispers to us. Nothing underneath, for us that is a signal that a girl acts confidently to unrestrained in bed. She doesn't care about convention or about anyone peeking between her legs. So she probably tends to like wild basic instinct cocks rather than cuddly caressing sex.

Of course, these conclusions are not empirically derived. It's not like that at some point each of us was turned on by a beauty without panties at a bar and spent the night of his life with her. Perhaps the connection between the lack of underpants and exceptionally exciting sex is pure wishful thinking. Maybe it's just because not many girls are known who often walk around without panties and tell us about it. Our knowledge of such girls is mainly based on reports about Lindsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons, female celebrities who try to convey a particularly wicked image and maximum sexiness.

Be that as it may: we associate a girl who wears nothing underneath with more positive things, even if they are a fantasy. That doesn't mean that you should now tip all of your underwear drawers out of the windows. The crotch nudity should not become the norm. First of all, the special, the wicked that clings to her was missing. And secondly, to be assured here in the end, we think you are way too sexy in pretty underpants.

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