What was the real name of Ravana

Ravana - Who were his parents and siblings?

Ravana's parents were Vishrava (son of Pulastya) and Kaikesi (daughter of Sumali and Thataka). Kaikesi had two brothers, Maricha and Subahu, who would effectively make them Ravana's uncles.

Ravana had six brothers and two sisters:

Kubera - the king of the north and the guardian of heavenly wealth. He was an older half-brother of Ravana: they were born to the same father to different mothers.

Vibhishana - A great follower of Rama and one of the most important figures in Ramayana. As minister and brother of Ravana, he spoke the truth without fear and advised Ravana to return the abducted Sita and maintain Dharma. Ravana not only rejected this reasonable advice, but also banished it from his kingdom. Vibhishana sought protection from Rama, who was granted without hesitation.

Kumbhakarna - One of the happiest demons in Hindu history. When Brahma offered him a blessing, he was led to ask for eternal sleep. A terrified Ravana out of brotherly love persuaded Brahma to change the blessing. Brahma mitigated the power of blessings by letting Kumbhakarna sleep for six months and being awake for rest six months of the year (in some versions he is awake one day of the year). During the war with Rama, Kumbhakarna was awakened prematurely from his sleep. He tried to persuade Ravana to start negotiations with Rama and return Sita to him. But even he could not improve the ways of Ravana. However, bound by the duty of a brother, he fought alongside Ravana and was killed on the battlefield. Before he died, he met Vibhishana and blessed him for following the path of righteousness.

Khara - King of Janasthan. He protected the northern Kingdom of Lanka on the mainland and his kingdom bordered the Kosala Kingdom, the Kingdom of Rama. He was known for his superior warfare skills. He was killed by Rama.

Dushana - Viceroy of Janasthan.

Ahiravan - King of the underworld, ruled by the Rakshasas of Ravana and demon king Maya.

Kumbhini - Elder sister of Ravana and the wife of the demon Madhu, king of Mathura, she was the mother of Lavanasura. She was known for her beauty and later retired to the sea to repent.

Surpanakha - Ravana's sister. She was the ultimate root of Sita’s abduction. She was the one who got her brothers to wage war against Rama.



Kumbhini / Kumbhinasi (Madhu's wife) was not Ravana's true sister. This is what Vibhishana herself says in UTTARA KANDA: "There was an old Rakshasa celebrated for his wisdom, called Malyavan, Sumalin's elder brother. Our maternal grandfather. His granddaughter is Kumbhinasi and was born to our maternal aunt Anala She is practically our sister. "- oldvoice.wikidot.com/src-vrm:ram7-30