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BILD reporter about his meeting with Kevin Owens - This is how the new wrestling champion ticks

Kevin Owens (32) has arrived at the top of the wrestling world! With "RAW" he was able to secure the Universal Title of the WWE. For the first time.

BILD reporter Enrico Ahlig met the Canadian several times, saw him at his first NXT appearance and cheered loudly when he was able to buckle his belt.


No, he doesn't look like your typical WWE superstar. He is not slim, fully trained or steely like an Adonis. He wears a shirt and shorts. His haircut doesn't cost $ 10. But he's a champion. Our champion!

It is Tuesday morning in Germany, shortly before 5 a.m .:It is getting dark outside. Not even the birds are chirping. Only wrestling fans know that history is being made. In the main battle of the TV show “RAW”, four WWE Superstars compete for the show's most important title, the newly created Universal Title.

My guess is Big Cass because the WWE needs a new main eventer. But I think WWE is going the easy way and giving the belt to Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns. I am completely wrong. After Big Cass is the first to be eliminated, I finally shrug: Triple H is celebrating his comeback, attacking Roman Reigns and ensuring that he is eliminated. Only Rollins and Owens are left.

No, they won't?

But! Triple H surprisingly also attacks Seth Rollins. The way is free. Kevin Owens pins Rollins. 1 - 2 - 3 ...

The hall in Dallas, Texas explodes. I am also happy. Early at 5 o'clock ...

... and look back at my meetings with Kevin Owens.

My first encounter with Kevin Owens was in 2014, on December 12th. It was my first time at the WWE training center, the Performance Center. Stars and newcomers train there, but above all the boys and girls from NXT, the in-house youth league, are made fit for the really big tasks.

Some trainers showed me the huge training area when I saw Kevin Owens in the free weight area. I asked the coach if I could talk to Owens for a minute. "No not yet. We're still keeping him away from the media. "

BILD in the Performance Center

The previous evening he appeared in a WWE ring for the first time - on “NXT Takeover”, in a small university hall. More than 500 people don't fit in there. I was one of them, sat on a wooden bench that you only know from PE and drank Coke for a dollar.

When Kevin Owens first appeared in front of WWE fans in the opening act, the cheers of the hardcore fans knew no bounds. I got infected, even though I was only marginally known as Kevin Steen (his real name) with the skills of the. His opponent at the time: CJ Parker, his motto "Fight Owens Fight".

After three minutes he lost. Kevin Owens clear winner - and broke his nose in the process. Two hours later, the new fan favorite had become the most hated wrestler on NXT. Because his long-time best friend Sami Zayn won the NXT title in the main fight - and Owens attacked him brutally. First he celebrated with his boyfriend, then he showed his true colors and became the villain.

It is still today. But only in the ring.

In his private life, the Canadian is one of the good guys, a family man - and shows it almost every day.

Because wrestling has lost his heart, but the love of his life is his wife Karina and his children Owen and Élodie Leila.

Did you notice it? His son is called Owen. Coincidence?

No. Because Kevin's favorite wrestler was Owen Hart, who tragically died in 1999 in a failed stunt.

He was supposed to sail from the roof of the hall into the ring like a superhero at the WWE show "Over The Edge". But the superhero died after the fuse came off too early and he fell into his death.

In his honor, Kevin renamed himself Kevin Owens in the WWE, and gave his son the name Owen.

His son became a star himself, at least for a day. On May 18, 2015, Kevin made his debut on the main WWE show, "RAW". He was too good for NXT way too quickly. As the reigning NXT Champion, he challenged WWE favorite John Cena, his son's favorite wrestler.

The video of the incredulous astonished Owen was about the wrestling world.

It wasn't until the spring of 2016 that our paths met again.

There were only a few weeks left to WrestleMania. At the time he was an Intercontinental Champion. We telephoned. He was happy, couldn't believe how successful his first year in WWE was.

“It was really crazy. In less than a year, I have seen more than many in their entire career. I was able to defeat John Cena in my first match and had feuds against Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and many other top stars. Let's see how long this roller coaster goes. "

Hopefully long. One thing is certain. He will drive her alone in the ring and backstage. Because unlike many of his colleagues, he does not hang out in cliques. He's doing his own thing backstage.

“I even drive from show to show by myself. That's my favorite. I use the time in the car to talk to my family on the phone. "

His family. His everything. When he talks about his wife, you can hear the love: “She has sacrificed a lot in the past few years so that I could reach the point where I am now. She is a great mother and takes such loving care of our children. After all, I am out and about five days a week - and she helps me with that. She is my greatest support. "

A few weeks later, WrestleMania 32 starts - the biggest WWE event of all time. There are more than 100,000 spectators in Dallas, Texas. It is the place where a few months later he will be determined as the new Universal Champion.

I will meet Kevin Owens in person for the first time on April 1st. It's 7 a.m.

We're talking about music, TV series - normal things. Because he's a normal guy. Yes, he also has the typical WWE sentences of his colleagues on it. But he saves the big sayings for the ring, even if he appears two days later at his very first WrestleMania.

We chat about the Guns N 'Roses Reunion ("They are my gods. People often complain about Axl, but he always puts on a great show"), his favorite TV series ("I love' Breaking Bad '. But mine." All-time favorite series is 'The Office' ((English original by ‘Stromberg’ - d. R.))I watch them every evening. It gives me a sense of home, especially when I'm out and about in the hotel rooms).

Unfamiliar words from a man who is anything but squeamish in the ring. On the contrary.

But privately he rejects violence. Even in TV series. "I've never seen‘ Game Of Thrones ’because I'm not that into violence. Yes I know, a real surprise. The violence in the ring is enough for me. "

What he's really into: Wrestling.

“I've never forgotten how to enjoy it - I do it every night and live my dream. I've been waiting for this for 20 years and I'm very grateful. When I step into the ring at WrestleMania I know all the work has been worth it. And my family will sit by the ring. These are the moments that we all work for. "

Less than five months later, he's back in Dallas. He is in the main battle for the vacant Universal Title. His son is watching, at home. In front of the television. Like me. We cheer. His son, me, millions of wrestling fans - even though he plays the bad guy. We are happy for people.

He's the new champion. He is there. Again his son is surprised, again a little video goes around the world.

Kevin Owens is back home a day later. With his family. His wife takes these photos. You don't need to know more about the man Kevin Owens.

When I asked him about his dream in the spring, he replied: “My dream? I want to have a great career, eventually retire in good health, and spend my life with my family without work. I wish that. "

We wish you that too. Fight Owens Fight!

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