How many McDonalds locations are there worldwide

Mcdonalds how many branches worldwide?

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How many MCS are there in Germany?

Number of restaurants from McDonald's Germany LLC until 2019. With around 1,500 restaurants, McDonald's is the second largest system catering brand in Germany behind the butcher and bakery snack bars of the Edeka Group. This includes the own operations and the franchise branches as well as the 840 McCáfes.

How many Burger King are there in the US?

Burger King is an American fast food chain based in Miami-Dade County, Florida, which has built up a worldwide restaurant network as a system catering company. Around 90% of the around 17,800 restaurants are run by independent franchise partners.

In which country is there no McDonald's?

Iran. It is hardly surprising that they are found in Iran no Branches of MC Donalds. The last one shut down in the 1979 revolution. Since then, American fast food has been reluctant to see.

How many subways are there in the world?

The statistics show the number of branches of Subway worldwide from 2009 to 2018. In 2018 there were around 43,000 branches of the sandwich chain worldwide, 690 of them in Germany.

How many burgers does Mc Donalds sell per second?

McDonald's sold worldwide per second 75 Burger. MC Donalds is one of the best-known brands worldwide. According to a study, more people recognize the curved yellow "M" as a symbol for the Burger-Brater as the cross for the Christian faith. There are 36,000 restaurants in the chain worldwide.

What does the M at McDonalds stand for?

The McDonalds logo was first presented in 1962. It represents the two "Golden Arches" that were created in the early years of Dick and Mac McDonalds Fast food restaurants on the outside of the buildings were and arguably symbol For MC Donalds-Restaurants were.

How many products are there at McDonalds?

McDonald's has in Germany 1400 Products and packaging in the range, which are produced and processed by 129 suppliers - 31 of them have been working for the fast food giant for more than 30 years.

How many people eat at McDonalds?

Around 2.65 million people in Germany have a meal at the fast food chain about once a week in 2019 MC Donald's eaten. Meanwhile, around 28.06 million Germans were not customers MC Donald's.

How many people work at McDonalds?

The number of employees from MC Donalds in Germany, after a decline in 2012, has risen steadily over the past five years - most recently to around 61,200 employees on an annual average in 2018. This includes employees in the company's own and franchise restaurants as well as administrative staff.

Why are there no more Mc Donalds in Iceland?

The operator cites the high import costs as the reason. Reykjavik - Iceland will be in a few days none single MC Donalds have more. The two branches of the US fast food chain on the island will close on November 1, as the Icelandic operating company Lyst announced.